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Italy trip (final post of the series): La Spezia to Milan

Earl Moore Photography

Emilia-Romagna region, crossing the Appennino chain of mountains, Italy

From La Spezia we drove northward through the Liguria and western Emilia-Romagna regions, crossing the Appennino chain of mountain that forms Italy’s backbone. It was foggy and rainy earlier in the mornings drive but clearing as the day progressed.

Earl Moore Photography

Morning clouds and a distant village, Italy

These areas of Italy felt somewhat more similar to the mountain areas of western North Carolina then any other area of Italy we visited.  There were no more grape vineyards or olive orchards but other agriculture was still evident.

Overgrown building, Italy (I didn’t notice the man at the righthand corner of the building until post-processing)

We saw many very old abandoned buildings as we drove and the conversation drifted to how it would be wonderful to find one to buy and then have the resources to renovate it as a home.

On vacation you give yourself permission to dream and talk of fantasies.

We reached Milan, Italy, later in the day, checked into a hotel and turned in our faithful rental car.  Early the next morning we began our flight home.

This marks the end of this series of vacation logs/posts.  There will no doubt be other photos posted later from this trip but they will be but small addendum’s.

I’m still in the process of uploading and updating the Gallery with photo’s posted in these blog entries as well as numerous additional photos taken on the trip.  This updating process will take some additional time.

5 Comments on Italy trip (final post of the series): La Spezia to Milan

  1. After looking through the Gallery I’d have to say that, from a photographic standpoint, you had an extremely successful vacation. The mist and fog in these last few photos was a bit of good luck in my opinion.
    ken bello recently posted… Welcome to New Hampshire

    • There was a portion of the drive that morning where you could hardly see past the front of the car but luckily there was little traffic on the back roads we were using. Thanks.

  2. I like how those villages it on top of ridges providing views for everyone. I also would fantasize about what I would do with a place such as these. Awesome series of photos, Earl!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Being Different

  3. A fine series of pictures. They give us a vivid idea of how people have lived there.
    Fine work.
    Don recently posted… Grand Coulee Dam Reservoir

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