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Italy thus far

A long flight with one missed connection, time in Venice and Florence, and now auto-touring Tuscany wine country. It’s very hot and dry but so beautiful.

This is one of the scenes today.

8 Comments on Italy thus far

  1. My wife and I have talked about going to Tuscany. Looking forward to the trip report. Safe travels Earl.

  2. I heard Tuscany is the most photogenic area in all of Europe. Looking forward to some great shots.

  3. Very nice! Looking forward to the ‘rest of the story.’

  4. Lovely. I look forward to hearing the stories associated with the photos.

  5. Okay, I hope you’ve taken more than one image. :-) Hope you guys are having a great time and travel safe.

  6. I also look forward to more to come.

  7. Thanks everyone…I didn’t have the energy at the end of each day to even sign-on and reply…but I do appreciate your comments!

  8. What a wonderful landscape. The gentle hills and different shades of green are absolutely beautiful and it’s so calming to look at it. I hope you’ve had a great time in Tuscany.

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