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Another hot day

Earl Moore Photography

Only the second day of July, with multiply days of 100+ temperatures already on the record books, and I’m wishing the summer was over.

I’m trying to walk Maggie a little earlier each morning so we can be back at the house before the sun starts to heat things up — then it’s a matter of staying inside somewhere with air conditioning through the main 100°F plus part of the day. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for those poor people around the Washington, DC area, some having lost power for perhaps as long as a week due to severe storms on Friday — no air conditioning, no fans and in some places no clean water. My heart goes out to them.

Today, twenty states under extreme heat warnings…amazing, and not in a good way. Think this global warming thing might be for real? ;-)

Locally, the upside of the current economical situation is with reduced manufacturing and production the local electrical company has additional capacity if the transmission lines can survive these temperatures. However, unless there is sufficient rain soon we might find ourselves one spark or lightning strike away from a wildfire situation.

I’m in the process of deciding on the exact composition of the camera kit for our Italy trip. I know I’m taking the Olympus OM-D EM-5 but I don’t know if I want to take a couple of zoom lens or perhaps simply a couple of primes. I’m carrying a ThinkTank Retrospective® 10 bag as carry-on. While not large it will hold my iPad, the EM-5 and several lens plus assorted batteries, cards, chargers and adapters. What I like about this bag is it’s easy to carry and get through security and will easily fit under an airline seat. Plus it doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself. It worked nicely on out trip to Europe last fall.

Today’s photo was taken from our front porch, after a morning walk, as the sun was quickly and very warmly rising.

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  1. When I was a kid (5 years ago), Summer was my favorite season. Now it’s my least favorite, at least when the weather is like this. It’s just hard to get comfortable and a good nights sleep.
    Whatever you put in the Think Tank will probably give you great photos, but I would lean toward the zooms, just for the convenience and versatility.

    • I’ve decided to take zoom lens and a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 for low light indoor photography. The beauty is any two of these lens don’t weight as much as one of my full frame zooms.

      I’ve never been one to care much for a lot of heat. I can deal better with cold.

  2. I hear you, Earl. Man! It’s been so hot, Dallas, TX hot! :) I’m happy to see a potential thunderstorm roll in. I snuck out this morning before sunrise and took some photos, but as soon as the sun came it, things started to heat rather quickly and I headed back for the cool climes of home and that wonderful invention, A/C! :)

    • We got a little rain early this morning and it dropped the temperature to 67…it felt downright cool waling Maggie this morning. Now with the sun our that rain has become part of the “steam room.”

  3. It is going to be scorching here this week also, not sure if we will be 100+, but it will be close. Out West I understand they have had the number of days over 100 already in the teens/twenties.

    I have wondered if they test the electrical grid for situations like this. We lost our power twice last week for “maintenance.” but it was always in the evening. If most of the country is 100+, it is going to be one heck of a load to handle. I remain skeptical that they would be prepared.

    • After today the temperature are suppose to drop to high of the upper 90’s…I guess you’ve got to happy with what you get.

      I think there are allowances made for extreme weather during the engineering of electrical lines. It will be a large demand with this heat, but,. as I was saying at least around here there are lots of business, mills and manufacturing that are still only working reduced shifts and hours which reduces the total electrical demand.

  4. I currently own only zoom lenses, although I did order the new Canon 40MM “Pancake” lens and it is due to arrive Tuesday. I like the versatility of the zoom lens but I admit that having a zoom makes me lazy. Since you already have primes you have probably already overcome that. :) I suppose for you the choice will depend mostly on how well you like the image quality of the primes as compared to the zooms, and which ones you prefer to work with.

    The hard part is knowning how much is enough. The great thing about the compact format is you can take a lot and it won’t weigh you down, but on the other hand I’m not a fan of always feeling like I need to change lenses.

    Looking forward to hearing what you decide!

    • My prime lens are probably a little sharper and definitely faster but there is the convenience of zooms.

      I’ve decided I want the convenience and will take a trio of zooms. Olympus 9-18, Panasonic 14-45 & 45-200, plus a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens for low light and indoors. The EM-5 has a 2x crop factor — I’ll probably shoot most of the time with the 14-45 (28-90mm).

  5. Man, every time I visit your blog I just come away with a serious case of lust for the Olympus! I’d lean to the primes, but that’s how I shoot. Thinking about it, it’s probably been over two years since I put a zoom on my camera when shooting for myself. Maybe three.

    • Hi Chris, I like shooting primes if I’m in a situation where I can devote full attention to finding and developing those photo opportunities…i.e when I’m alone or with other photographers. However, when I’m traveling with non-photographers as a trip or vacation I sometimes need to be able to “pull the scene” to me, often on the fly, so to speak.

      I’ve found the EM-5 to be a wonderful camera, one you’d probably enjoy.

  6. Paul Maxim // 3 Jul ’12 at 7:35 am // Reply

    It’s interesting that there aren’t too many of those vocal global warming naysayers making news these days. They must all be hiding somewhere (with the AC on, of course).

    I ordered the EM-5 yesterday; it’s backordered, of course. Hopefully it won’t take too long. I really like the fact that it’s weather-sealed. After all, it might actually rain one of these days………

    Your image clearly says “hot”. We’re in the 80’s and low 90’s, but I can’t imagine what it must be like around Charlotte. Must be some god-awful humidity, too. In my opinion, not real good weather for wandering around with a camera (unless you’re in a mall).

    • No, the naysayers have went “strangely” silent but I’m sure if it cools down they will crawl back out.

      Hey, congrats on the EM-5…I think you’ll enjoy it and it will be worth a short wait.

  7. Yes, it’s hot out our way also. We did have a few clouds move in late yesterday and bring some sprinkles. Love the smell of that rain. I’ve already got my bike ride in and worked up a sweat. I like the kit you’re taking and think it will work for you. I sure do like the lighter, smaller kit, so much easier on my back.

    I’ve always struggled with camera and lens choices. I even try to adjust for the type of trip I will be taking such as subjects and length of the trip. I can take a 3 lens kit of 35mm, 50mm and 85mm primes or a 17-50mm zoom and 85mm prime. Or I can just take the Canon G12 and leave everything else at home. They all work and since you are pressing the shutter we know they will be good images.

    • Monte, it’s about hot all over isn’t it?

      I’ll probably end up using that 14-45mm (28-90mm 35 equiv.) ninety percent of the time. The others will only be used for special subjects.

      Thanks! I hope you have move rain.

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