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Enjoying a nice day

Nice weather was another invitation to ride up to the Blue Ridge Mountains last weekend. It was more about enjoying the day then taking photos.

Earl Moore Photography

Jakes – Blowing Rock, NC

Our first stop was the small city of Blowing Rock, NC, just down the road a piece from Boone, NC. After having a relaxing lunch there we enjoyed some of the local mountain roads and a short section of the Blue Ridge Parkway before heading home.

Earl Moore Photography

Price Lake, near Blowing Rock, NC

Price Lake is part of the Julian Price Memorial Park, a popular destination on the Parkway, comprising more than 4.300 acres at the foot of Grandfather Mountainin North Carolina.

The park is named in memory of an insurance company executive who purchased the lands to create a retreat for employees of his insurance company in the 1930s and 1940s. The National Park Service later received the lands from Jefferson Pilot Stand Life Insurance Company Price’s death and it has been used for public recreational use with the cooperation and approval of Price’s son and daughter.

Earl Moore Photography

Kayaking, Price Lake, NC

With the wonderful weather and it being a weekend, the place was busy. I didn’t have a long lens with me to pull the kayakers in closer.


10 Comments on Enjoying a nice day

  1. Looks like it was a fun trip.
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Views From My Garden

  2. Looks like a most enjoyable weekend and you got some good photos. I especially like the shot of Jake’s. Must be the yellow color but it sure looks nice.

    • Ken, old town Blowing Rock is a nice place to spend a day. The mountain elevation usually means it’s not too hot and there’s coffee shops, restaurants and many unique shops…a few of them even charge reasonable prices. :-)

      A good day trip destination. It’s a little less then two hours drive from our house.

  3. And, that is what weekends are about. You and Bonnie know how to enjoy them.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… We Need the Rain

    • Monte, there’s many days during the week that we seem to only get to see each other for a couple of hours in the evening so we try to do some things on the weekends. Of course since we got that little convertible it only takes a bit of nice weather to entice us out. :-)

  4. Days with those great puffy clouds are some of my favorites for being out and exploring – camera or no camera.
    Mark recently posted… Life Support – Taken for granted

    • It was actually fairly cloudy on this particular day but it never rained any. Being fair skinned I’ll take some shade when I can get it. Thanks, Mark.

  5. I think that spending the day in the Blue Ridge mountains makes any day a great day! :) It’s nice that we live so close to such a wonderful area.
    Paul recently posted… People, Context, Cameras, and Trust

    • Paul, yes in that regard we are lucky to live where we do…close to both beautiful mountains and nice beaches. Of course as the ice caps melt those two areas are going to be getting a little closer together. ;-)

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