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Washing Back Ashore

In the early 1900’s there was a professional baseball pitcher named Earl Moore, nicknamed “crossfire” for his sidearm throwing style, who had a 14-year Major League Baseball career. He pitched the American League’s first no-hitter in 1901 only to lose the game in the tenth inning. He pitched 1108 strikeouts over the course of his career.

You might wonder what this has to do with this post. Bear with me…

I first started blogging about 7 years ago, initially using Blogger for a small personal blog which quickly withered and died on the vine – as it should have.

In January 2006 I decided to give blogging a proper restart using my own Internet domain name and WordPress software. The first domain name I was interesting in was of course “” but I discovered that name wasn’t available. “” wasn’t developed but when I inquired via email the story was it had been purchased some time ago by a distant relative of the baseball pitcher “Earl Moore” to develop as an online tribute to the sports figure. So I pretty much gave up on “” and went with the domain “,” which you’re reading today.

However, at that time, six years ago, I did purchase the domain “” thinking of course I might later use it for the vast Internet communications/photography empire I was sure to establish. :-)

This turned out to be an astute move for totally different reasons — the empire hasn’t happened yet.

Late last year I received an email from a domain registrar saying the domain “” was becoming available and since I already owned the name “” would I want the “.com” domain as well. I still did want it and so after six years I finally got my named “.com” domain. But now what to do with it since I’ve got six years of history with “”

Enter “Life at 3:1” and a return back to Blogger.

For photo posts to Meandering Passage I create an unique image at a 3:1 aspect ratio for use in the home page slider. Once these 3:1 images roll off the home page they’re never seen again, which I’ve always felt is a shame because sometimes I like this aspect as much or more as the original images. This aspect has a certain appeal to me…almost like peeking out an oddly shaped window and seeing a small snapshot of life.

So I’ve created a new Blogger site, domain “” named “Life at 3:1,” which features only these slider images. Clicking on an image at “Life at 3:1″ brings the viewer back to the original “Meandering Passage” post associated to that image. I was certainly concerned about the over-head of maintaining another blog, but updating this site is painless. After each Meandering Passage post it takes less than 4 minutes to paste two links and post to “Life at 3:1.”

I’ve also added a new link in the main menu on “Meandering Passage” labeled “3:1″ to link to the site and there is a “Blog” menu item on “Life at 3:1″ that links to “Meandering Passage.”

Perhaps there will be a little cross-traffic between these sites, or perhaps not. At least the 3:1 images can be viewed long after they roll off Meandering Passage.


18 Comments on Life at 3:1

  1. Interesting idea, and it looks good Earl.

    I’ve started, and killed, a few sites over the years too and will probably do it a few more times. I never learn I guess…

    Anyway, good luck with 3:1.
    pj recently posted… observations

    • pj, I don’t think starting and ending projects or sites is a necessary a sign of not learning…I dare say you’ve probably learn quite a lot from your ventures. Thanks.

  2. Paul Maxim // 13 Jun ’12 at 8:17 am // Reply

    I have a question, Earl. While 3:1 “works” for a lot of images, there are many that tend to look worse for the effort. That wonderful photograph of the leaf that you posted in “Choosing What to See” is one of those, I think. 3:1 changed it completely. So my question is: Why do it?

    OK, I fibbed. I have another question (that maybe you can’t answer). Sometimes when I open “Meandering Passage’s” homepage, the banner containing the 3:1 images just comes up blank, with one of those swirling circles in the middle. Doesn’t matter how long I wait – it never shows an image. Just stays white. Actually, it does that more than half the time. Weird.

    • Paul, valid question(s). You’re right, some of the 3:1 “works” stand strongly upon then own as images while others are obviously less then the original — the leaf is a good case of the latter point. I concede this format is not for everyone and/or perhaps every image.

      During the creation process as I make decisions on how to crop these 3:1 images there’s two points I consider — can I find a 3:1 crop image that’s very strong on it’s own and/or can it be a “teaser” for the original image it was derived from. Sometimes both are achieved but often it is one or the other. I’m still finding my way on how selective I’ll be posting these 3:1 images to “Life at 3:1″

      For the moment I’m looking at “Life at 3:1″ as a pointer site for this blog. You click on any of the images on “Life at 3:1″ and it will bring you back to the appropriate post here. I’m not thinking beyond that at the moment.

      Second question, I don’t know. I haven’t experience that issue here, they always load, but I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing it. Also what OS and Browser/version are you using?

      • Paul Maxim // 13 Jun ’12 at 12:48 pm // Reply

        Yes, I’d be interested in knowing if there are others who see the same thing. I’d hate to have a unique problem!

        I’m probably fairly typical with OS and browser. I’m a PC guy, so it’s Windows 7 and Explorer 9 at the moment.

        • Thanks, Paul. I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 at work and have loaded Meandering Passage with the slider regularly without issue. I also just tried that same combination from here and it did take Explorer 9 a couple of minutes to load the images for the first time but then it displayed okay — and every time afterwards. I hope others can comment if they have this problem as well because I don’t want a site half can’t see. :-)

          • Paul Maxim // 14 Jun ’12 at 8:50 am // Reply

            I do have Chrome on my system but have rarely used it (to this point, anyway). However, my little “problem” disappears on Chrome. Everything shows up as it’s supposed to. Sounds like an Explorer issue to me……..

            Perhaps it’s time to dump Explorer (finally)!

  3. No problems with the banner images so far on Linux/Firefox 13, but the sharing links sidebar is visible only to 70% – the left third is cut off.

    Having something like a impounding basin for the banner images is a good idea – and the extreme aspect ratio gives at least food for thought, even if not all images get their maximum impact in that format.
    Markus recently posted… Street Encounter

    • Markus, thanks. In the future I think I’ll be more selective about which 3:1 banner photos get posted to “Life at 3:1″ but I do feel they at least draw notice.

      I’ve also experienced the sharing links sidebar being partially cut off…in my case it was on an Apple iPad. Not sure if there is a work around or not…not a high priority in any case.

  4. Interesting new site, Earl. I like this format for many of the photos, it’s an exciting challenge.
    I have never had Paul’s problem loading the photos, but i gave up on IE years ago, first using Firefox and then, about a year ago, switching to Chrome. Both browsers eliminated many of the problems i associated with IE.

    • Ken, thanks. I figured I’d get a mixed review on “Life at 3:1″ and it’s in the initial stages. My minds still formulating how to use it and we’ll see where it goes…if anywhere. :-)

      I use Chrome on Windows 7 at work most of the time unless there’s a site or web application that’s poorly written which requires IE. Chromes a good browser.

      At home, on my Mac, I use Safari. Both Chrome and Safari are based on the same web browser engine — Webkit and share similarities.

  5. My old box is XP with Chrome and my new machine is Windows 7 with the latest version of Firefox. No issues loading the images with either one.
    pj recently posted… observations

  6. I tend to like the 3:1 ratio very, very much, so I will keep an eye on that new subsidiary of yours. :-)
    Ove recently posted… Better

    • Ove, some like the 3:1 aspect, I for one, and some don’t care for it at all. I’m going to see if I can find images that really do well at that aspect and showcase them. Thanks.

  7. I like the idea of “3:1.” And, I did not know about Earl Moore the baseball player just the one at Meandering Passage. Who is a “kool” guy.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… We Need the Rain

    • Monte, thanks. I only found out about the baseball “Earl Moore” because he usually comes up first in a name search. :-)

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