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Over achieving

We don’t normally do a vegetable garden in the summer. However, this year Bonnie decided she was going to see if she could get a few tomato’s from raising a single plant in a large pot we already owned, placed next to our house in the back yard where it gets lots of sunshine.

Earl Moore Photography

Once again she’s overachieving. We’ve got dozens of blooms and as many tomato’s of different sizes on a plant that’s at least seven feet tall.  Good thing we love tomato’s because we’re going to have more then we can handle in a few weeks — none of which have begun to turn red yet. However, I do love BLT’s so the future in that area looks bright.

Earl Moore Photography

Bonnie…you can stop feeding it “Miracle Grow” any time now. ;-)


16 Comments on Over achieving

  1. This is a good problem to have!
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Views From My Garden

  2. I can give you an address in Webster to send tomatoes to if there are too many. I can never get enough.

  3. I like BLT’s also – minus the L and the T. :-)

    We have a garden also, and it almost always overproduces what we can consume ourselves.
    Mark recently posted… Little Cayman underwater

  4. There’s nothing like a home-grown tomato. I’ll gladly sign up for a BLT!
    Tom Dills recently posted… Attitude Adjustment

    • Tom, the home grown ones do have a much better flavor don’t they — the store ones have been altered to last longer and travel well.

  5. If she keeps feeding it Miracle Grow, you might end up with a problem: “Feed me Seymour!” LOL! I’m with Tom, sign me up for a BLT – heck, better yet, how about tomato and cheese. Mmmmm :)
    Paul recently posted… People, Context, Cameras, and Trust

    • LOL, well if it gets to that point there will definitely be another post about it if I’m able. :-)

      Oh yeah, grilled cheese and tomato…now you’re talking.

  6. Fine shots of this huge tomato plant! I’m impressed with its size. I use Miracle Grow on my outside plants all the time.
    Don recently posted… Mansard Roof Barn

    • Don, I was afraid this one was going to be all plant and no tomatoes but now it’s loaded. Bonnie’s got a green thumb.

  7. It’s either feast or famine with tomatoes – doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. Guess you’ll have to visit some neighbors – force them to take some off your hands. Home grown tomatoes are the best!
    John – Visual Notebook recently posted… Father and Son

  8. BLTs! I’ll be right over and way to go Bonnie!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… We Need the Rain

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