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Moving on

Earl Moore Photography

Maggie, morning nap on the front porch

Maggie seems to have turned a corner this pass week since becoming the lone dog of our family.

Of course she’s become terribly spoiled and is totally a house dog now. On the good side, she’s regained lost confidence and is eating better once again.


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    • Steve, thanks. She was a puppy when we got here and Foster taught her all the ropes of being a dog so we were worried how she’d adapt. I’m relieved to say the least.

  1. Glad to read that Maggie is doing better Earl.
    Mark recently posted… Little Cayman underwater

  2. Very good to hear, Earl! Any plans on getting her another companion?
    Paul recently posted… Relay for Life

    • Paul, If Maggie adapts to being an only dog we don’t plan on getting another one and I think she’ll be okay now. Thanks!

  3. I know that when Omega passed in December, we were curious to see how his younger sister would work out as the head of household. Pretty well, but, as I’m sure you know, we all still feel the void.
    Chris Klug recently posted… Coming Home

    • Chris, I certainly understand the void you speak of and I suspect it one that will never be completely filled. Thanks.

  4. Good to hear as we don’t often hear about the grieving process animals go through when a close relationship is lost.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Red Chairs

    • Monte, Thanks. I think dogs are or can be especially loyal and therefore can experience a great deal of grief in some cases.

  5. Glad she’s doing well. We had two cats one time – Blanche and Stella, litter mates. When Blanche merged with the infinite (at 17 years), Stella was in a funk for a short time but perked up relatively fast. Hope this is the case with Maggie.
    ken bello recently posted… READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

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