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Flowers among the stones

Earl Moore Photography

Beautiful flowers against stone

Have you ever met someone who seems to be overly positive about everything? Don’t you every wonder if that ability to be so positive all the time is a personality strength or some sort of delusion? I admire them but inwardly I’m also a bit suspicious — those who always seem to be the “flowers.”

Earl Moore Photography

Flowers among the stones – One

I admit wanting to peer behind their “mask.” To find out what makes them work the way they do. To see if the positivity is true or not.

Earl Moore Photography

Flowers among the stones – Two

Now, I can be the “flowers” and I often try to be the “flowers” but there’s also stones in my personal “garden” — lots of stones! :-)

These image were taken along the coast a few weeks ago…among a stone breakwater.


9 Comments on Flowers among the stones

  1. Very fine flower series. These are beautiful blossom shots with very good appeal. Nice job of shooting.
    Don recently posted… Iris with buds

  2. Nice shots Earl. I try to have a lot of blooms in my life, but I keep having to weed the garden!
    John – Visual Notebook recently posted… Call Me Ishmael

  3. When I see the flowers growing among the stones I think of their strength and will to survive.
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Views From My Garden

  4. Stones or flowers – they each have their own beauty.
    I like these photos. The colors of the flowers and grass compliment the stones very nicely.
    ken bello recently posted… BLUE MONDAY 6

  5. I just love the contrasts between flowers and stone, soft and hard, flexible and rigid, colorful and drab. Very nice series, Earl.
    Paul recently posted… Puny

  6. I like how nature creates these scenes and am in awe of the power in both the flowers and the rocks. I, also have the times when I’m a flower and when I’m struggling between the rocks. I’m enjoying your thoughts over the past few posts. Keep it up!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… One of her roses

  7. @All – Thanks for the comments everyone — I always appreciate them. :-)

  8. I like the commentary along with these images Earl. However, I for one think rocks are pretty cool on their own. :-)

    I have always liked photos of flowers and stone – they play off of each other on so many different themes.
    Mark recently posted… Little Cayman underwater

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