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Among the invisible

“A warm summer afternoon spent on a bench under a shade tree by a dock along the rivers edge enjoying the breeze watching the coming and goings of boats as they pass on the river and people as they walk the boardwalk. Enjoying a candy bar, a cigarette and long peaceful moments of contemplation, seemingly without a care, humming a tune you heard as a young man. Life is good.”


“Your fearing to venture far from the dock along the bank under which you call home each night because someone else may claim it and you’re not as young or strong as you use to be. Rationing out the cigarettes and candy bar because it’s uncertain where the next one’s will come from and this may be all you have today. Hanging out fresh wash on the chain rail to dry while all your other worldly possessions are in a small bag you keep with you always. Yes, another long day waiting for another long night waiting for something, anything.”

Which one of these reflect the true story of this scene — perhaps neither or perhaps parts of both. Yet, if pressed to make a guess from my impressions in the moment the second scenario may be closer to the truth.

There are many surviving almost invisible along the fringes of “our society” and they strive to remain invisible because if noticed someone will demand the situation be “fixed” and most often the “fix” is simply forcing them to go somewhere else where they can return to “invisibility.” Such a complicated situation with no easy real solution made worst by the current economical situation.

I was needing this image to feel a little “edgy” so I pushed the whites/contrast and greatly reduced the saturation. It’s actually two layers, B&W and Color, combined.


7 Comments on Invisible

  1. Very well done Earl.
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Views From My Garden

  2. I like your choice of processing on this image, Earl. It’s well suited to the mood. The situation with the homeless is profound and I’m beginning to think there is no one answer.
    ken bello recently posted… BLUE MONDAY 6

    • Ken, thanks. It a situation that’s always existed and probably always will but has been made much worst these last few years. I don’t believe there is an answer in many cases but then there are those that can be helped and should be.

  3. Nice image, Earl. The homeless problem here in Denver is being ‘mitigated’ by making it illegal for them to sleep outside along the 16th stree mall. Meanwhile, their numbers seem to be increasing dramatically. It’s a sad reflection on our society that our solutions only involve shuffling.
    John – Visual Notebook recently posted… Call Me Ishmael

    • John, thanks. Yeah, the “move-along” cure for homelessness has been around as long as homelessness itself. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a complex issue which for many may have no solution. It involves mental health, economical health as well as dependancies.

  4. Nice post processing, Earl. This again shows the “photographer” in you who sees and feels the world around him. Well done!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… One of her roses

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