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Choosing what to see

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Fluttering Leaf – Choosing what to see

I’ve read the first step to becoming a photographer is learning how to see. At my age I think it’s more about learning how not to see — how not to see the obvious, leaving the imagination open to all possibilities. We should photograph as we live and live as we photograph — in the moment with open minds. A tall order but photography is a wonderful life-learning tool in this regard.

“A photographer can sit at the edge of paradise and may only see unframeable beauty. A child with their parents camera will run through paradise capturing all that they see as they see it, filled with the untangled imagination of youth.” – Ryan Learoyd

In the most obvious sense this is a small yellowish leaf laying on tarmac which has a large crack in its surface.

However, a child with their parents camera might see a small yellow leaf fluttering to the ground below. This thought set the post-processing direction, creating the abstract image above.


21 Comments on Choosing what to see

  1. Earl, that is some damn fine post processing, there, my friend! I love it, in particular, the leaf trail! Splendid!
    Paul recently posted… Doing good

    • Thanks, Paul, I appreciate that. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out when I started but it seemed to find it’s own way. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow – that’s a pretty spectacular image, Earl. Nice contrasting colors and the leaf trail…beautifully done!
    John – Visual Notebook recently posted… Power Station

  3. Beautiful… I like your thinking here too.
    pj recently posted… no parking

  4. This photo is probably my favorite photo you’ve ever posted. Really, it’s that good!
    ken bello recently posted… REFLECTIONS – 1

    • Ken, thanks. I knew I like this but I wasn’t sure how it’d be received by others. I guess sometimes you have to just go with your gut.

  5. Earl, when I first saw this image, I saw just as you described with the leaf fluttering to the ground. Then the analytic side took over and tried figuring out what literally this is. The analytic side didn’t quite get it, and I reverted to my first reaction. I guess that is symbolic of having a little of both child and photographer inside. Most excellent shot.

    • Mark, when I’ve considered those photographers and people in general I most like and admire most it’s often those who keep some of their inner child alive and well. It’s good if we can touch and draw upon those different elements of ourselves and they not be in conflict. I’m glad the stronger impression here was of the child’s fluttering leaf. Thanks!

  6. This is just beautiful, Earl
    Chris Klug recently posted… Canonet; a look not for the squeamish

  7. Paul Maxim // 2 Jun ’12 at 7:36 am // Reply

    I agree with everybody else, Earl. This is very, very good. It definitely qualifies for the “I wish I’d thought of that!” category. The blue and green colors, the darkened edges, and of course that marvelous “trail”. You might want to hang this one on your wall!

    • Paul, thanks. I’ve been thinking of printing it but haven’t decided how I’d want it mounted or perhaps framed. You have any suggestions?

      • Paul Maxim // 2 Jun ’12 at 1:29 pm // Reply

        Personally, I don’t think I’d do the “traditional” framing on this one. Given its abstract nature, I might have it printed on metal. I’ve never had one done like that, but the ones I’ve seen were very good, I thought. One thing’s for sure: If you have it printed and hung, it’s going to generate some interesting discussion when people first see it.

  8. Nothing else to add to the comments, it’s really a splendid image, Earl.
    Eric Jeschke recently posted… Cat vs. Chicken

  9. Earl, I’m agreeing with Ken. This is completely different from anything I’ve seen you post, but it’s just wonderful. I’d love to see it printed, too. I don’t think canvas would do it justice. Metal might be nice, or just some nice paper flush-mounted to a sheet of Gatorfoam.
    Tom Dills recently posted… Skagway

  10. Dang! Send me the canvas copy. :-) I must agree this image is absolutely great. The photographer in you rose to the top on this one. You have every right to enjoy the positive comments. And, your words speak truthfully.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… One of her roses

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