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Easy riders!

Earl Moore Photography

Boardwalk Cruisers

This looks like about my “speed” — wide white-walled tires, single speed, lights, comfortable saddle, padded handlebars and a front mounted bag for a camera or lunch. :-)

Easy riders…a pair ready to cruise the boardwalk!

8 Comments on Easy riders!

  1. Now you’re talking, Earl. As my back starts to slow me down the bike looks pretty inticing. I plan on riding this summer after the bike comes out of storage. Love the saddle!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Storm Clouds Over the Plains

    • Yeah, this bike looks simple and comfortable enough to let you enjoy the ride without having to concentrate on the technical aspects. Thanks, Monte!

  2. …AND IT COMES IN RED!!! This is the sort of bike I learned how to ride on. It was my older brothers’ bike but it became mine after he got a new one. I loved that bike.
    ken bello recently posted… grEEn

    • I’m with you, Ken. I think red is an outstanding color for a bike. The one I learned to ride on was much like this. I can’t even think how many miles I put on that bike and never a problem. Thanks!

  3. I am with you on this one Earl.
    Steve Skinner recently posted… The Ship That Couldn’t Sink

  4. How’s this for easy riding… I have designed in my head a bike that is basically a recliner on wheels. :-)
    Mark recently posted… Phlox and more time with the D800

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