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Spring’s Validation

Earl Moore Photography

Walking is often a time to contemplate decisions or recent life events but the most beloved walks are those which occur totally in the moment. If asked what I was thinking when taking a certain photo it’s often like that as well. Better photos are often taken without thought or decisions but from the “gut” — in the moment.

Earl Moore Photography

Recent heel pain and a long allergy season left me unwilling to walk much these last few weeks but Saturday I felt the need for contact with nature and to again connect with photography, so, I headed to a local park with our dog Maggie. Foster, our other dog, has leg issues that prevent him from being as active but Maggie will willing jump at the chance to go anywhere.

Earl Moore Photography

My last visit to this park saw plants just beginning to bud and bloom. This visit found all the signs of late spring in evidence. Even Maggie stopped to smell some of the flowers.

Earl Moore Photography

Maggie was adopted as a puppy from a canine rescue center. We think in those early days she lived in fear of the other dogs and perhaps never got first choice of food. As an adult she always wants to be first or in the lead but seeks approval, love and acceptance. It took several years before she would look us in the eyes but seems well behaved and adjusted now. How much of her behavior is her nature and how much is environmental?

Earl Moore Photography

As a photographer I somethings consider the relationship of making photos for ourselves and a need to seek approval of those works from those who’s opinion we value. Wisdom says shoot from your own values and vision but who among us doesn’t want authentication or validation of our views and our labor? If there was absolutely no need of validation would we ever post even a single photo to a blog or exhibit one in a gallery show?

8 Comments on Spring’s Validation

  1. Earl, just think of Vivian Maier: it seems she has never asked for validation – but then, she was really and exception.
    When I am out with my camera I rarely think about validation, usually I am trying to immerse myself in a scenery and am lucky when that happens – thinking would sidetrack my non-concentration. But when evaluating the results, I certainly think about my possible audience.
    Markus Spring recently posted… Go Yoga

    • Markus, good example of someone who only shot for themselves but I wonder if that wasn’t in part because of the times and social environment. If Vivian Maier was alive and shooting today would she have a photoblog or at least a gallery…I suspect perhaps she might.

      Much as you, I only normally only think of the audience at the time of making the photo if I’m shooting for a specific purpose for someone else. Even then I’ll usually work in a few shots just for myself. I do consider the possible audience before posting and of couse am pleased if someone else likes the results or see something of value in my photo. I believe it is a normal human thing.

  2. really like that last one

    • Derrick, thanks. I like that last one too. The park has a leash policy for dogs but when we are there early in the morning with no one else around I give Maggie her freedom and let he run, especially in the back areas of the park. :-)

  3. It looks like you’re in full Spring mode. We are still getting freezing temps at night which slows down the flowering but we are predicted to warm up this week.
    When I’m out shooting, the thought of validation never enters my mind. It’s very much a personal pastime and a way of self expression for me and it always was. I like the idea of sharing on the blogs and of course I like getting feedback, but it’s not really a requirement I have that needs to be satisfied.
    ken bello recently posted… James McGarvey

    • Ken, it’s definitely even late Spring here. Almost all the leaves are out on the trees and it going to be up to 80 most of this week. The down side is we’re already behind on rainfall and I fear a hot dry summer may be on the way.

  4. A fine series from this walk. I’m glad you’re able to get out and resume some of your photo treks.
    Interesting dog facts too. Maggie is lucky to have been adopted by the right owner and home.
    Don recently posted… Flooding

    • Hi Don, thanks. We’re the lucky ones — we’ve adopted two rescue dogs and have gotten two wonderful friends and family members…even if there are some health issues with Foster.

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