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I haven’t been doing much photography recently. For some reason a few weeks ago I sudden developed Plantar fascilitis in the heel of my left foot. It’s an inflammation of the thick tissue of the heel on the bottom of the foot where the heel bone connects to the toes via the arch of the foot. Very painful and it’s reduced my walking. With time and inserts for my shoes I hope to build back up to a more regular level of activity. At the moment when I first get up in the mornings it feels like someone put a razor blade in my heel.

After having bragged in a post how well our dog Foster was doing with his seizures, that proverbial “other shoe” dropped heavily this past Sunday. By Sunday night the count reached 9 Grand Mal Seizures and we loaded him into the back of the SUV to transport him to an emergency vet clinic. Upon arrival they put him on valium to knock him out and give his brain a chance to reset. There were two seizures in the car on the way to the clinic and two more after he arrived — a total of around 13 major ones and perhaps a few more minor ones we failed to notice.

Foster stayed in the clinic over night and the next morning was temporarily blind and totally disoriented. He walked liked he was trying to get away from something all day and night Monday — scared, whimpering and bumping into things. It’s only now, Tuesday, he’s starting to seem like himself and is calm enough to lay down and rest.

This is the second major cluster seizure event in the last 2 months, he almost didn’t pull out of this one. Bonnie and I spoke to the vets at the clinic as well as our regular vet and they agree if he continues to experience this level of seizures having him put to sleep might be a greater act of love then to keep trying to save him.

That being the case, we are keenly aware, more then ever now, each day with him is a gift. I don’t believe it’s a matter of if the next big cluster happens, but when.

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  1. My wife had Plantar fascilitis a few years ago and it was very painful (I don’t need to tell you). She got some good insoles and it made a world of difference, allowing her to continue working without too much discomfort (that’s the doctor’s word for pain).
    Foster’s condition is heartbreaking. I’m sure you, your wife and the vet will make the right decision when necessary.
    Ken Bello recently posted… LOOK THROUGH ANY WINDOW

    • Ken, I’ve replaced the insoles in some of my shoes and it has helped a lot. They say it just takes time…sometimes as much as a year. I’m well aware of that definition of discomfort — I use to roll out of bed to my feet but now I sneak up on standing with some stretching before full weight down on it and still end up looking like Grandpa from the TV show “The Real McCoy’s” for the first couple of steps.

      At this point I can’t imagine not having Foster in our lives. He’s only 5 years old and we’re just not ready to let him go yet but another day like this last Sunday and we will — for his sake.

  2. Hey, Earl. Sorry to hear about Foster. That must have been a very stressful time for you on Sunday. As for that foot of yours, just stay off of it. Did he give any indication as to how that happens and how they can reduce the swelling?
    Paul recently posted… A place to call home

    • Paul, thanks. It’s been a very hard few days and while we’ve made a decision about what will be best for him that I’m comfortable with, it’s going to be terrible hard when/if the time comes.

      Plantar fascilitis seems to mostly affect middle aged people who either have flat feet or very hight arches — I have high arches. They think it may have something to do with a lack of flexibility of some of the tendons or ligaments causing this area to become inflamed. I don’t even know when it happened. There was’t any sudden injury pain. It just hurt one morning and then got worst. It’s a little better now and there are some insoles and inserts for shoes that help a lot. It needs a cushion so being barefoot can be really painful. I never head anything about this condition before I got it now I’m finding a lot of people have suffered with it.

  3. Sorry to hear about your foot and Fosters status. I think you said it quite well about Foster, “for his sake.” Life does offer us hard choices and I’m talking about our emotional choices, the ones that hurt. No words while console you and Bonnie, so I won’t even try. Just know that many of us care and will keep you guys and Foster in our thoughts.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Friends

  4. Paul Maxim // 18 Apr ’12 at 8:33 am // Reply

    That old adage – “trouble comes in bunches” – comes to mind. The older we all get, the more that sentiment rings true. One day everything is fine and the next all hell has broken loose. No rhyme or reason to any of it; bad stuff just happens. Not much comfort to you (or to Foster), I know, but I’m sure you’ll get through it.

    Who knows – maybe your foot problem will help “create” a new era in your photographic life. Just because your mobility is slightly diminished doesn’t mean that your “vision” will be.

    • Paul, I realize in the greater scheme of life I really have no problems compared to what so many others must face each day. What ever happens we’ll deal with it…but I sure would/will miss the little guy.

      Well perhaps there will be some new vision from this, but rest assured there will not be a “my aching foot” self portrait series of photos. :-)

  5. I wish I could offer some positive words of wisdom but I don’t think I can do it justice. One or the other would be rough enough but two is two too many. I hope your foot heals quickly and that you are able to enjoy your time with Foster.
    Tom Dills recently posted… Silliness…and 5D Mark III Impressions

    • Tom, thanks. What ever happen with Foster we’ve had some wonderful years together. He’s had a good life for a dog.

  6. I feel for you, I’ve suffered the same ailment in the past. It can be caused by walking bare foot on laminate flooring though I didn’t do that, it’s certainly very painful. I did a lot of stretching exercises to build it back up again. I hope you recover soon.
    Colin Griffiths recently posted… Milk Churns, Kirby and West Dairies

    • Colin, thanks. I’m doing a lot of stretching and have some insoles for my shoes that help. I understand it just takes time to heal. However, I can be a little impatient sometimes. :-)

  7. Hi Earl,
    My wife has had years of recurring plantar fascilitis. She has the inserts, which have helped, but it seems the stretching has helped the most. She has a particular device that she swears by. It’s a kind of rocker that is pretty small, just about the size of a boot, that you lay your foot in and then you rock on it back and forth. It’s plastic and not very expensive. I’ll take a picture of it and send it by email.

    Sorry to hear about Foster’s troubles.
    Eric Jeschke recently posted… American Idol, Redux

    • Eric, I never knew plantar fascilitis was so common until I got it myself and started doing some research. I’d be interested in finding out about that “rocker” your wife has found so useful. Thanks!

  8. Such a tough place you must be in right now. Still rooting for Foster to pull through Earl.
    Mark recently posted… Ignoring the camera

    • Thanks, Mark. We’re still rooting for Foster too…haven’t given up on him but this past Sunday was so bad we decided there is a point it’s not worth the price he has to pay. He’s still slowly recovering this week. He’s calm and resting now instead of walking non-stop and little by little the old Foster is beginning to come back.

      I know you understand what it’s like — I remember shortly after I’d found your blog you lost a dear canine member of the family.

  9. To bad, but it will heal. I had that about 8 years ago, it took me a few months to fully recover. It was during my running years, I had to recover while still training. It was important to do that to get optimal healing. I believe it was a particular pair of shoes that caused the problem in the first place. I hope it won’t take that long time for you.
    Ove recently posted… 110

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