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Flowing Water

Earl Moore Photography

Water on Granite - Winter Morning

Over the ages water has worn these slight channels into this solid granite river bottom shelf. On a cold morning with the light just right the water looks almost inky blue-black against the rusty rock. A few mud film provides a lighter yellowish color along the channels.

24 Comments on Flowing Water

  1. Yet another meandering passage and it’s a very striking one. I’m curious: is that a rocky landscape? Is it winter vegetation? Did you make the image from the air? Pray tell!

    • Colin, the scale is a bit of an illusion here. The widest part of the blue water at bottom left of the frame is less then 1 meter wide. This is solid granite rock…no vegetation whatsoever with small streams of water flowing down worn paths. I was standing upon the granite slab for this photo.

  2. Meandering … Colin took the words right out of my mouth! A fine image this is, soothing, calming down. Works very well for me.

  3. A fine shot with excellent composition. I like it’s dual role of a landscape and abstract – all at the same time. Very well done.

  4. Illusion or not, this is an outstanding image, Earl. I love the colors but the composition is just beautiful.

  5. Outstanding composition; nicely seen!

  6. I agree, the curving lines do offer a soothing feel. But, the contrast of the blue and rust color are what tug at me. Got my vote on this one, Earl!

    • Monte, I didn’t realize until later that the scale of the objects would be hard to discern…it was the colors that first attracted me as well. Thanks!

  7. Very nice image! I love simple compositions as opposed to the complex, chaotic types.

  8. Wow – what a striking image, Earl. The dark blue colour of the water complements the warm surroundings very well.
    It really looks like a vast landscape and I thought you had taken that photograph while looking out of a plane. What a wonderful illusion.

    • Martina, thanks! I didn’t realize it could be viewed as it taken from a height until getting that reaction here in the comments. I guess because I knew what it was the illusion did play for me.

  9. Beautifully done, Earl. I hardly recognize the place! Speaking of which, we need to do one of our Saturday morning get-togethers!

  10. Earl, I would label this “Oil Spill” if it didn’t have such negative associations. :-) I think it is a gorgeous shot. It demonstrates the power of light to completely transform a scene.

    • LOL…visually your suggested title certainly could fit, Mark…but I think I’ll pass. :-)
      Thanks I appreciate it — light rules!

  11. I’m a little late getting around to this, but I’m finally getting sort of caught up on making my rounds.

    This is superb Earl. Ranks right up there as one of your very best. The color… the movement… the simplicity — beautiful and perfect.

    • Hi pj, I’ve been a bit remiss in making the rounds myself. Life seems to have a habit of getting in the way doesn’t it!

      Thank’s I appreciate it. This was one of those which became more then I was expecting when I make the photo. Sometimes we only see a piece of the puzzle to later have the whole picture reveals itself.

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