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City of Greensboro


1810 City of Greensboro - Salisbury Train Station

At work I park in a small lot just across from the Salisbury Train Station.

When my timing is right, which it often is, there will be a train stopped at or passing through the station as I arrive. This is engine 1810 (City of Greensboro) F59PH [Built 1988 for Go Transit, rebuilt 2010 for NCDOT], pulling the NC AMTRAK Piedmont, running daily from Raleigh, NC, to Charlotte, NC and from Charlotte to Raleigh.

Other passenger trains in addition to the “Piedmont” which pass through this station daily include the “Carolinian,” between New York and Charlotte, and the “Crescent,” between New York and New Orleans. A number of freight trains use these tracks as well.

I’ve never lived anywhere where I’ve used the rails (train or subway) for a daily commute.

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  1. I spent a few days in Greensboro a few years ago – lovely city. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had my ‘rebirth’ into photography at that time and all I had was a point and shoot that stayed packed. I’d enjoy getting back to that area for another visit sometime – and my gear would be firmly in hand.

    Hey, I noticed you have me on your blog-roll! Thanks! I’ll be returning the favor this weekend…


    • John, there are some beautiful parts of Greensboro…but I don’t get there often myself. I appreciate the comments and opinions you leave here.

  2. Beautiful red, green, blue contrasts here, Earl. It makes for a stunning image.

    • Ken, this is one where the audio of the engine running, train whistle and conductor shouting “All aboard” adds so much to the moment. A video wouldn’t have given much more visually then this photo…but the audio. :-)

  3. That makes me sad, somehow. Travelling by train seems so natural to me. In my youth, I was totally dependent on trains, since I had no driver’s licence nor any car after I finally had got the licence. In Stockholm, it was usually more convenient taking the tube or a commuter train. Where I live now, though, it’s quite the opposite. I have a car. :-)

    • Ove, it kind of makes me sad too. There’s something about trains I like.

      I’ve used trains in Europe, both while being stationed there in the military and while visiting but I’ve only ridden a couple of trains in the U.S.

      The personal automobile is king here and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  4. Growing up in Detroit where we have very poor public transportation, I often wished I could take a train on a more frequent basis. With all the hassle of air travel, I wish I could use the train for traveling a lot more. It just seems like such a more attractive solution, you can see more out the window than clouds also. :-)

    • Mark, as I was telling Ove above, I used trains some when I was stationed in Italy and England but there’s not many opportunities here except for a few of the larger cities.

      I’d love to take a long train trip sometime…New York to Seattle would be nice with a sleeper car. One for the bucket list I guess. :-)

  5. One of my favorite memories is traveling from New York City to central Texas by train. I was quite young and had elected to fly to the east coast and take the train home—a decision for which I am still grateful. It is a wonderful experience to recall; plus, I am comforted by the fact that I did do a few of smart things at that age.

    Now, I am most happy to travel by car because I love the freedom to make unscheduled stops and to take detours. Having used subways and trains in large cities in the world long after my long train ride, I never find myself longing for them. They don’t make much sense in the southwest with things spread out all over kingdom come. Out here, it might be a great way to get from one city to another, but then you need a car after you get to the station because there isn’t much within walking distance.

    • Anita, I’ve never made a long trip via train, except once by chance in Italy, so perhaps if I did one I’d be over it. They certainly are not as convent as cars but then they’re no more inconvenient then air travel except not as fast. It’s always nice to grow older and appreciate some choices we made when we were younger isn’t it.

  6. I used to ride the trains in Dallas, TX. Mostly lightrail, but there was an an Amtrak train that went from Dallas to Fort Worth that I rode for a very short distance from Dallas to Irving. Last year, I was going to catch the Carolinian from Charlotte to Washington, DC, an 8 hour trip beginning at 2:00 AM. It’s in the plans for this year. I’ve never been on a train for more than a few minutes and I’d like to take my camera and photograph along the way. There seems to be a certain amount of romance, at least to me, associated with a train. Also, lots of mystery … remember the Orient Express? :)

    • Paul, that sounds like a nice trip on the Carolinian. Bonnie and I have spoken of doing a long train trip sometime but haven’t acted upon it yet. We did take the train to and from the NC State Fair one year…that was fun. Yeah, I loved the Orient Express…

  7. I like the desaturated winter tones in your photograph a lot. In Switzerland, I used to take the train to work every day. In the morning it was beautiful how everyone was quietly reading the papers or a book, whereas on the way back home the train was ususally very busy and noisy. Here in London I use the tube all the time since it’s so much faster than the car.
    However, I’d love to travel with the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London to Venice. It’s a true Art Deco icon and such a graceous and elegant way to travel…

    • Martina, taking a train from/to work sounds seems like it would provide a wonderful period to prepare for or unwind from work. I’ve ridden the tube in London and I’d certainly use it if I was there. That journey via the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express sounds wonderful. You should make it a priority so as not to find yourself looking back one day saying, “I wish I had.” Life is short! :-)

  8. First of this is a technically dang good image! I commuted when I lived in DC for about 6 months and enjoyed it. I could get just about anywhere I wanted with the metro, a bus or my feet. A lot of our larger cities use mass transit which in many cases makes a lot of sense. You seem to enjoy these trains. You and Bonnie may need to take one somewhere.

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