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Not too high a price

Earl Moore Photography

Autumn leaves in our front yard

While I celebrate these bright beautiful leaves on trees in my yard today I know they soon will be brown, laying on the ground awaiting my efforts at raking and mulching to feed another season. Still, I think it’s not too high a price.

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  1. Maybe they will blow into your neighbor’s yard and cease to be your problem.

    • Steve, I would hope for that but I’ve lived here long enough to know the wind/leaf patterns and it’s not going to happen…I’ll probably even get some of my neighbors leaves. :-)

  2. Yes, I spent the weekend tidying up the garden so that the compost heap is now brimming. There’s more to do this weekend too, so I hope it’s settled down to make some more room or I’ll have to jump on it a few times! I do like this time of year and the thought of putting it all to bed in readiness for next spring.

  3. Colin, yes I agreed, there is some sense of closure to these final preparations for winter. We did some tidying around the house this past weekend as well. Our leaves are reaching a tipping point where all it’ll take is a windy day and the majority will be down…then the raking begins.

  4. I no longer rake leaves, and haven’t for years. However, I do remember enjoying those cool autumn Saturdays of working outside, racking, mowing, preparing the yard for winter. And those colors that help the heart sing. LIstening to a football game on the radio. Good memories!

    It’s always seemed strange to me how we disrupt natures way of providing for the next generation by raking the leaves, exposing half dead grass, then putting the leaves in plastic bags and hauling them off to the land fill. In fact yesterday afternoon I heard this motor start up outside my apartment. Maintenance crews were using power washers to clean the outside of the apartments and washing all the leaves onto the pavement and rocks. Sure messed up a good nap. :-)

  5. What gorgeous reds. Definitely worth celebrating. Here, on our virtual “prairie” property, we don’t have to worry about piles of leaves. It is a cheap shot for me to say it would be worth the effort, since I don’t do the yard work.

  6. What a beautiful photograph! I love that vibrant red in comparison to the deep blue sky. It’s great to see such wonderful colours on a cloudy November’s day in London.

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