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Morrow Mountain State Park – NC

Earl Moore Photography

From the top of Morrow Mountain

Took a short ride to Morrow Mountain State Park this afternoon. The park is only about an hours drive southeast from home and the tallest mountain, Morrow Mountain, is a little less then 1,000 feet tall — more like tall hills in my opinion but the area and roads give the impression of eastern mountains.

Earl Moore Photography

Picnic area and fall colors

Nice scenery and places to chill or picnic.

Earl Moore Photography

From the top of Morrow Mountain

With fall colors still brightly hanging on.

9 Comments on Morrow Mountain State Park – NC

  1. They may be no more than hills, but what they lack in height, they make up for in charm. The picnic area looks marvelous with the fall colors as a backdrop.

    • Hi Anita, thanks. There were many people enjoying a cool but beautiful day atop Morrow Mountain that Sunday afternoon, we among them.

  2. Earl, as always, your fall color offerings are first rate.

  3. Glad you have the opportunity to take in some of this beauty. It’s over before you know it.

    • Yeah, it seems seasons can be very short lived with the current weather patterns. Just another reason to live each day.

  4. That really looks like an amazing place for a picnic – I hope you’ve had a wonderful afternoon in the autumn sun!

    • There were many who did picnic but we didn’t think about it until too late. We still had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the weather and sights.

  5. Another nice image of the fall colors. Our colors this morning are white and the temperature is 15 degrees. No picnics here.

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