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A few beautiful moments

Earl Moore Photography

Autumn Flowers - Double Knob Trail - Sapphire, NC

With one final burst of energy autumn blooms exist for a few beautiful moments and then fade for winters impending approach.

14 Comments on A few beautiful moments

  1. That burst of energy makes for some much appreciated beauty and a lovely last glimpse of the colors of spring and summer, doesn’t it? What a lovely salute to the effort. The shadows on the lower left add a wonderful touch.

    • Hi Anita, thanks. I kind of like the mixture of the dying blooms with the still full and rich ones…a fitting salute to this time of the year.

  2. The defiant ones! :) I like it.

  3. Very nice, Earl. It’ snow a quest to find this kind of color around.

    • Ken, yes soon this kind of color will be lost to the changing of the seasons but there will be other seasonal “beauties” to be found. Even winter has it’s pleasures…of course I don’t live in NY State near the Great Lakes. ;-)

  4. I agree with Paul – ‘the defiant ones’ is the perfect name for this.

  5. What a beautiful and uplifting photograph on a rainy London day… I love the blue shadows of their elegant and graceful petals. Composition and lighting are excellent!

  6. Our last ones have started to fade, and considering that our Autumn has been unusually mild, they have to feel rather content with the time they got. Given that they do feel, that said. :)

    • Ove, even if they don’t feel they definitely elicit feelings from us who observe them and we/I are grateful for the time, indeed.

  7. This is awesome. So different than the snow we have on the ground today.

    • Monte, thanks. Yes I “saw” that you’d had snow around Denver. North and east of us this weekend they are predicting much more may fall. Too quickly are we moving into the midst of winter — I would appreciate a more gentle introduction.

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