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Above Bucharest

A quick post. Awoke early this morning to capture a sunrise over Bucharest, Romania, and while there also shot this and other photos of the city from the 18 floor of our hotel.

The iPad posting workflow is working better than I imagined it would so I’m posting more often then initially planned…plus today I was tired from the heat and miles of walking so I’ve spent some time catching up with my blog reading.

On to Amsterdam tomorrow morning.

22 Comments on Above Bucharest

  1. Ah, you must have used tilt-shift here, very nice! :-)

    • Ove, yes there are situation where T-S works well…the light and subject seem just right here. This T-S is a build in camera art effect in the Olympus E-P2.

      • Okay, it was an in-camera effect, that explains why I hadn’t read earlier on that you purchased or used such a lens. The Oly did pretty well, I wouldn’t be able to tell it was a digitally created effect.

  2. Very nice, indeed. Lens baby???

    • Ken, Tilt-Shift is one of the built in artistic effects in the Olympus E-P2 4/3 camera…it works surprising well in the right circumstances. Thanks

  3. Wonderful capture!
    I’m happy that i can found your website. because your photos are so BEAUTIFUL !
    Good day .

  4. I wish I was there, after Vietnam I never left the states………..someday. I envy you, and yes a little Lensbaby?

    • Don, you should do some overseas traveling while you can. It’s abig ole changing world out there. No Lensbaby on this one…Tilt-Shift effect built into the Olympus E-P2.

  5. Susan Graves // 15 Sep ’11 at 11:33 pm // Reply

    So perfect, it looks like a toy town. I’m expecting an n scale train to pass over any minute now!

  6. I like how you’ve captured that great morning light over Bucharest. I can feel how the city is slowly waking up and I can imagine that a few hours later that main street was packed with cars. Wonderful tilt shift too.

    • Martina, thanks. I was experimenting (playing) while making these and things came together…at least to my eye. I’m glad you found it pleasing as well.

  7. I love the image! Great use of T-S effect, usually abused by many.

  8. The tilt-shift effect is very pronounced and does give the shot a toy-like appearance. Very effective result!

  9. I love the fact you are having fun!!!! I like this photo, it has that European feel to me. Enjoy Amsterdam.

  10. I have always found it interesting how the T/S makes scenes like this look miniature. You wouldn’t think that just a bit of blur would do that, but amazingly it does. I am sure there is some visual perception science behind it. Hmmm, future Googling in my future I think.

    • Mark, yeah, I don’t understand the science behind this either…I may join you in your Googling…but it certainly works in the right circumstances.

  11. Very nice – I love it when a hotel gives you such great views!

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