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Field of yellow summer flowers

I’ve not devoted much time to photography or this blog in the last few days. A busy weekend which included four Grand Mal Seizures for our dog Foster and a major project at work on Monday has had my time, attention and resources elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean I’ve not been thinking about both. There’s been any number of times I’ve thought when witnessing a scene the last few days it would make a good photo. I guess as a photographer we teach ourselves to see in that regard. While I’m happy that my mind is automatically comprehending the elements for a good photo I don’t want to only see “within the frame,” I want to also be aware of the bigger picture and those things outside the frame as well.

I took this field of flowers shot while walking our dog Maggie late one morning. She’s the type that doesn’t like to stay still so I was lucky to get this shot on my Canon S90. No walking today as the temperatures are forecasted to perhaps reach 100°F…I’m hoping the partial cloud cover we have will keep it short of that.

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  1. I am deeply saddened to hear about Foster’s seizures and will keep you both in my thoughts.

    You said so well something I feel strongly. Seeing “the big picture” is, indeed, more important than making photographs. I always miss your posts when you are busy with life, but appreciate your thoughts precisely because you do tend tend to more immediate needs in “real” life.

    Be well.

    • Anita, thank you. It continues to be a long road with Foster and he seems to be having seizures about every two weeks now. It’s really tied us down as far as being able to get away for an extended period of time. It’s hard to find someone who’s willing to take the responsibility of looking after him while we’re gone.

      I think I’m only now at the point in life where the importance of “the big picture” is becoming clear to me. I lived for a long time under expectations of “doing the right thing” without being aware of how those actions were affecting me on the whole.

      With photography we can never capture the whole experience or scene so we must make choices of where to apply our focus and frame. To do a good job of this we need awareness of the “big picture”…same for life.

      Sorry I got so wordy. :-)

  2. My thoughts are with you and your dog Earl. Hope all goes well.

    • PJ, thanks! Foster is a continuing story. He’s been having Grand Mal Seizures since 2009 with no known cause. He’s on medication but that a whole other story. We have grown somewhat accustomed to them but each one is still heart wrenching and consumed a lot of his and our energy.

      As in many things in life you don’t always get a choice, so we enjoy and love the times in between the seizures and get through the when they happen as best we can.

      I appreciate your thoughts and wishes.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post this, Earl, and trust that your followers understand life’s complication. It sounds like Foster has good caregivers.
    The S90 continues to amaze me with incredible detail.

    • Ken, thank you. I’ve been missing fully taking part in the wonderful blogs I follow. Foster’s a good loving dog who got a bad hand in life with the seizures. It’s been a journey of good and bad with many lessons learned by all of us.

      The S90/S95 is a great true pocket camera. There are times when even a photography can’t or doesn’t want to hang onto a camera in his hand, around his neck or in a bag…the S90 fills that need wonderfully. It also shoot RAW so you don’t have to give up the post-processing flexibility.

      Thanks again! :-)

  4. I like the landscape of summer flowers with a tree line behind. Works for me. You’ve been a busy person…thanks for visiting the sites anyway.

  5. Foster is in my thoughts Earl.

    • Ray, I appreciate that. His quality of life between these seizures clusters is pretty good so we take the bad with the good. Have a good weekend!

  6. the ebb and flow of life, I hope all is well with your pup Earl.

  7. I hope Foster is doing better Earl. Sorry for checking in and finding out so late, I have been unplugged a bit for a bit more than a week on vacation hiking in N.California.

  8. That is a wonderfully calm and peaceful image – I love the different shades of green and the focus on the towers in the meadow.
    I hope Forster is feeling better and that everything is going to be okay. My thoughts are with you. Take care.

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