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11 Comments on Abundance

  1. A gorgeous explosion of reds and pinks in this very pretty flower shot. WOW.

  2. Beautiful. Earl. Dogwood???

  3. got pelted with ice pellets today, so not too fond of seeing all these blooms right now. :-)

    • Mark, Sometimes there’s a high price for spring — thunderstorms and tornados…east of us there is major devastation. We were very lucky in this just a few trees down.

  4. Beautifully said with words and imagery.

  5. What a wonderful image! I love the dusky pink tones of the blossoms and the vintage feel they give to the image… marvellous.

  6. Now, we’re talking: flowers of Spring. This is what we want to see so keep them coming, Earl. As a side note, I also enjoy the fragrance of Spring flowers. :-)

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