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Earl Moore

Statue lost among the hedge - Salisbury NC

Todays photos are still from the historical neighborhood but the subjects fall into the oddity category — things seeming not to fit within their surroundings or perhaps no longer revealing their original purpose or plan.

The first photo is a weathered statue in the midst of a front yard completely overgrown with hedge…near solid hedge covering the complete yard. There’s no real proof but I’m thinking perhaps there was a hedge maze at one time, left unattended, perhaps this statue the prize at the end.

Earl Moore

Oriental Gate - Salisbury NC

The second image is a gateway which seems to have a far eastern flair — somewhat like a Japanese Torii. It doesn’t fit the style of the house it’s sitting in front of or the neighborhood in whole.’

Here’s an interesting fact, these two “oddities” are at/in the same house and yard. If I ever see the home owners I have to ask them the origin of these two.

B&W seemed right for these two images.

11 Comments on Oddities

  1. Interesting oddities! And a maze would not surprise me. I agree, you might need to ask. Have a great day, Earl!

  2. Interesting indeed. As often as not it’s the oddities that are the most fascinating.

    • It’s always the unique or out of place that first catches our eye. Thanks, PJ I hope things are going well for you in CA.

  3. It’s wonderful when you come across an untold story. Your photographs strongly evoke a sense of place for me, the mystery of these objects is entwined with that and adds to the photograph perfectly. Not only am I transported to a place, but a place with a history and a story to be told.

    • Yes, certainly a story but I often wonder if the “real story” of some of these oddities may have been lost with the passing of a generation or individual. But then, perhaps the stories we tell ourselves about these things are more interesting than the realities. :-) Thanks, Martina.

  4. I also wonder the story here. The images peak our curiosity but leave us wanting to know more! :-)

  5. I like these oddities, which makes up for all sorts of thoughts. Shooting them can be a challenge, since the context is also important to the story. This could get a really good series, Earl, if your neighbourhood is full of them, oddities.

    • Hi Ove, I believe there are probably enough oddities in most towns to support a project such as you described. Sometimes the context is what makes something qualify as an “oddity.” I’m considering it. Thanks!

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