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Trying not to screw it up


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It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.” – Denis Waitley

Still a number of “Calendar Project” photos to post but I’m posting some other images in between them.

A project I’m currently working on is creating video interviews/history of long time volunteers at RHM. Friday, I had the privilege of interviewing a lively 91 year old who’s been volunteering over 40 years and can recount experiences in great detail back decades. When I asked what made her begin volunteering and keep coming back all these years her answer was, “I was always meant to do something like this, always meant to fulfill myself by helping others — I’ve been rewarded beyond description in doing it.

Then while leaving the interview room she paused to tell me she never expected to live this long and each morning she’s thankful for a new day. With a twinkle in her eye she asked if I knew what she asked for each morning. I admitted I didn’t know. “I ask that I don’t screw this day up,” she says.

My thoughts were how lucky to find a calling which makes us feel complete and to live each day fully — trying not to screw it up! :-)

10 Comments on Trying not to screw it up

  1. Wonderful story and would like to see the interview when it’s done. So, now you’ve moved into video?

    • Monte, thanks! In addition to IT responsibilities, by default I’ve become the general purpose media person at my place of employment as well, so while I can do video my heart is remains with still photography.

  2. What an inspiring story!

    • Steve, Yeah, I’ve thought of it every morning since she told me that so now it’s somehow become my mantra…”Just don’t let me screw this day up.” :-)

  3. I think it’s great you are working on these long-term projects – I always mean to, and then get sidetracked, or distracted, or busy, and never start. Both you and your volunteer are an inspiration.

  4. An inspring account of your interview with this interesting volunteer. I like the picture too. A fine black and white image.

  5. What a great story, Earl. Also, what a great opportunity this job has afforded you. Very inspirational.

    • Hi Paul, glad you enjoy this. This job has been a very interesting opportunity which I’m trying to take advantage of. We’ll see what the future holds.

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