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New York City and not even a T-Shirt

Guest Photographer: This past weekend, Bonnie had a girls weekend getaway in New York City. This is something that had been planned for a long time and talked about even longer.

Liberty view

Liberty view

I loaned her my Canon S90 camera and she came back with some nice photos which I’m proud to post here. These images are from the Empire State Building’s 86th Floor Observatory during a hazy sunset on Friday. In this first photo that’s the Statue of Liberty in distant center frame.

Spire in Light

Spire in Light

In these other two photos she caught the wonderful last sunlight as it ascended to the higher floors of surrounding buildings and spires.

Ascending Sunlight

Ascending Sunlight

Bonnie had a wonderful time but said she walked until she was almost crippled. She took a couple of photo from Time Square at night to be shared later.

10 Comments on New York City and not even a T-Shirt

  1. She took some fine shots with such nice light on the city’s features. Excellent level of work.
    I’ll be looking forward to the Times Square shots.

  2. Very nice images.

  3. The S90 is a nice camera, but Bonnie has a good eye.

    • Ken, I can’t argue that point, she does have a good eye. I always ask her opinion when I’m shooting and she’s with me and I openly welcome it when she points out something special she sees that I may not.

  4. I really love the bottom image, nice job to her.

  5. She’s done a wonderful job her and I’m going to vote along with Mark, the last image is my favorite. You may have to buy another S90 or the S95 now. :-)

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