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Series: Eye-to-Eye, 7

Eye-to-Eye, Giraffe

Eye-to-Eye, Giraffe

Unless you play center in the NBA it’s not easy to get eye-to-eye with a giraffe and even then you’ll find yourself falling more then a little short. I find giraffes to be strange, graceful and most beautiful creatures so it’s with pleasure I feature one in this series.

The Eye-to-Eye series ends with the next photo, number 8. I hope there has been enjoyment for some in viewing this series, I’ve certainly had fun doing it.

6 Comments on Series: Eye-to-Eye, 7

  1. This was surely a fun series to browse through. Eye to an eye. You got it spot on with the emu, which really gave you it’s evil eye and appeared to be ready for a serious conversation. :)

  2. I like this profile view which gives us an excellent view of the interesting shapes on this animal’s face. Nicely done.

  3. You bet I’ve enjoyed this series of images. I like the idea, period. when I first looked at this image I thought, long lens. :-) Giraffes are another one of those amazing animals.

  4. Great work on the series! I’ve always wondered how these guys hold up their heads.

  5. A great series, Earl. I was wondering how you got eye-to-eye with that giraffe! We’ve met and I didn’t remember you being that tall. LOL

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