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A new season

Beginnings - Fall Season

Beginning of a new season

Seasons change and the only constant is knowing that tomorrow will be different then today.

Several years ago I took a voluntary layoff and decided for all intents and purposes to retire. This was only possible thanks to my loving wife, Bonnie, having a job providing us a living and insurance.

I’ve certainly enjoy this period of retirement but it’s about time I did something where I feel I’m contributing to the world as a whole again. I don’t know if you believe things often happen for a purpose or not, but I do.

There’s many examples where I’ve found opportunities presented to me just when they were needed — perhaps many people experience this. Bonnie and I kid each other about the purpose of events in our life, except we’ve come to jokingly call this purpose the “Porpoise.” When something happens at just the right moment we’ll look at each other and say: “It’s the all knowing Porpoise at work.” Yeah, you have to be there — back to my story. :-)

A couple of weeks ago, thought non-related conversations, I became aware of a local non-profit organization looking for an I.T. Manager to maintain and enhance their technology resources/capabilities. I’ve since met with them on a couple of occasions and have visited and seen the services they provide including local crisis assistance, overnight shelter, soup kitchen, temporary housing and life coaching for those who find themselves in need.

So next Monday, I’ll begin a new job, a new season. I think it’s the right choice for me at this moment in my life. I’ll write more with details soon.

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  1. Best of luck with the new adventure/endevour

  2. I am proud to know you, Earl.

  3. Earl, my congratulations on this decision! It is really good to hear that your knowledge and capabilities now benefit such an organisation which usually is in higher demand than there are provisions. I could imagine this is a fine complement to your creative work in photography.

    Oh yes, and this autumn image I do enjoy very much – again this has the balance of still strong sunlight but already the colors of autumnal demise.

  4. I think that is awesome, Earl. You are doing something many of us would like to to do. Good luck with the new job. :-)

  5. Let me also add my congratulations!

  6. Excellent, Earl. I’m sure that they can put your skills to good use and it is for a great cause.

  7. @ALL, thank-you for your kind thoughts and well wishes as I begin this new path. I’m sure you’ll read future post influenced by my experiences.

  8. Let me add my congratulations and best wishes also. It sounds like a worthy cause and I’m sure they are getting some excellent help with their tech with you on the staff!

  9. I really, really like this photo, and the open, fuzzy border is very appropriate, and not only for the image, for the text as well. Best wishes!

  10. I’m terribly late to read these wonderful news, nevertheless, I want to wish you all the best with your new work. I’m sure there will be much good that comes out of this.

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