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A closeup in purple

Closeup in purple

Since confession is supposed to be good for the soul here’s mine for today. My wife Bonnie was off work yesterday and I agreed to go with her to see the new Julia Roberts movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” Counting myself, there was four males in a theater full of females. I’m firmly in touch with my feminine side now, and will be for quite a while. ;-)

About the movie, the story was interesting but slow in places and the acting was acceptable but a little below expectations. This is all of course from a male perspective. The scenery was beautiful — Italy, India and Bali. I found myself often thinking how I’d like to compose a photo from the current location being shown on the screen. I believe I got some good mental shots.

I spent 18 months in Italy while in service but would love to visit it again one day. I run hot and cold on India — definitely places there I’d like to visit but also many I wouldn’t. The natural beauty of Bali appeals most strongly to my landscape photographer nature.

A few more for the bucket list. I’ve got to get busy checking some of them off.

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  1. very lovely
    your cropping is very interesting :)
    have a great weekend :)

  2. First of all, this is a lovely image, colors really pop. Glad you had time with Bonnie and touched your feminine side, more men should. I believe the call to travel is somewhere within all of us. Sabrina just had a post about that very thing. You can always get a bigger bucket.

    • Monte, thanks. I agree about the call to travel…or perhaps explore would be a better word. That need has certainly existed in mankind for ages. Yeah, a bigger bucket would be one solution but then I’d have to be planning on living until I’m about 150 and I’m not sure that would be such a blessing. ;-)

  3. My wife is in Florida for two weeks and I am getting in touch with my stupid side.

    • Don, thanks for my laugh of the day! I don’t believe I’ve ever completely lost touch with my stupid side…there seems to be an endless supply bubbling up and running over the sides. Oh, my wife enjoyed you’re comment as well. ;-)

  4. Earl, I must admit that from that traveling side of me, I kind of wanted to see this movie. I’d never intentionally go to see a chick flick, but I might watch this one. I will, however, probably have to wait for it to debut on Netflix. I don’t think that I’ll part with $10 to go and see it. :-)

    As for getting in touch with the stupid side, that’s not hard to do. I got a good laugh out of that one, Don!

    • Paul, yeah, the locations were beautiful but the movie itself had some credibility gaps, in my opinion. If Bonnie hadn’t wanted to see it, it would have been a Netflix’er for me as well.

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