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Down river

Down River

Down River - Cooleemee River Park, NC

Down stream from the dam and waterfalls at Cooleemee River Park (Bull Hole), NC, you’ll see a rugged river scene.

As you can tell, the trees along the river bank lean far out over the river. There are a couple of forces at work — most along the bank grow leaning out over the river searching for clear sky/sunlight while some are so close the soil has washed out under the river side. Eventually these will fall into the flow.

The stone/rock column is an old bridge support structure. I’m hoping to get some better photos of this column when the river recedes a little more.

I always saw this photo in black and white.

8 Comments on Down river

  1. I really like this composition. The stone column resembles an obelisk of some type, framed nicely by the trees. This resembles the river near my house, where it seems every year there is a new group of trees balanced precariously on the edge of the bank.

  2. That is one thing I noticed about the rivers east of the Mississippi River, the trees along the banks and how they lean out over the water. I like the composition as it points to the trees rather than the river. I agree the black and white works well in this one.

  3. This is an image I had only a short glimpse the day before and knew I had to come back. The iuxtaposition of those diagonals of the leaning trees against that lonely pillar works very well. And whilst I agree that b&w is a good choice, I could also imagine it in color, maybe a soft morning light.

  4. I like the heavy trunks leaning over the river. Excellent black and white work with a nice, light look to the highlights. It looks very good in B&W.

  5. I like this composition, black and white. But the picture will be more alive if we take a picture there, the sun low and the tip end of the river golden yellow perch and reflected on the river …. wow ….

  6. Splendid photography, good day with you.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

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