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Endangered species

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK

Mendenhall Glacier - Juneau, AK

This photo was made from a point not far from yesterdays photo but looking in a different direction — north vs. southeast. This is Mendenhall Glacier located in Mendenhall Valley about 12 miles north of Juneau, AK. Since 1958 this glacier has receded 1.75 miles (2.82km) and with average temperatures currently increasing it’s a trend which may continue. Mendenhall Lake created by the glaciers retreat now sits at the glacier terminus. Large glaciers may one day need to be on an “endangered species” list.

This was again shot through a curved helicopter canopy with all the distortions and reflections involved. Luckily it was noisy and everyone on board had on headsets so they didn’t have to listen to the near non-stop clicking of my D300 shutter. Otherwise, they might have tossed me out. :-)

I was working this photo in color but couldn’t find a combination which pleased me. Reaching a point of frustration, I decided to convert it to B&W with CS4 and Nik Silver Efex. B&W seems to work much better for this image.

Mendenhall Glacier – Wikipedia

7 Comments on Endangered species

  1. The mountains and the glacier certainly look good in the B&W alternative. Nice shooting in this spectacular setting.

  2. Earl, the glaciers here in Europe tell a similar story: recession wherever you look. And similarly to the threat to Alaskan houses that loose the firm frozen ground they were built upon, many of the alpine villages here will get threatened as soon as the ice won’t glue together the rocks in certain areas. Sad story and no silver lining visible yet on the horizon.
    The image is certainly impressive, the b&w processing very well brought out the majestic side of the mountain and the glacier. Certainly a keeper.

  3. beautiful landscape shot, stunning

  4. This is a great image, Earl. I can imagine it was easier to get rid of colour casts and reflections from the window you shot through, by going b&w. But foremost, it seems the natural colour palette of Alaska naturally lends itself to monochrome colours.

  5. @ALL: Thanks everyone!

  6. I love the shot as well as the title Earl, quite appropriate for this day and age. You had a great sky to work with here – such a great range of tones in this image.

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