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Enjoying the sun

Suns first touchWith the sun making an appearance this morning I went for an early walk at a local park. This morning was more about enjoying the walk and time for reflection rather then seeking photo opportunities.

But as always there were photos to be taken. For a change in pace, I switched from the wider lenses I’ve been recently using to my Nikon 70-300mm. I find that switching sometime gives me a fresh perspective.

This photos from the very beginning of the walk as the sun first touched this green patch of moss along the trail.   

5 Comments on Enjoying the sun

  1. Glad you have some sun, it is up to 21 degrees right now with a gusty wind adding its bite to make it an uncomfortable day to be out side. No walk for me, so I shot inside.

    I use to only use my 18-200mm because it was convenient for so many things. Over the past few months I’ve picked up the 35mm and use it almost exclusively on my walks. Now, yesterday I got out the 105mm macro and used it. Yes, each presents a new perspective.

    If your so inclined please send some sunshine and warmth up this way, we could use it!

  2. It doesn’t seem to matter so much what we change or how we change things, does it? What seems to make the difference is to shake ourselves out of a routine, so we begin to see again.

  3. @Monte Stevens – I believe it’s good to change up our view every once in a while even if only by changing the lens we use. I’ll see what I can do about the sunshine — I wonder what shipping will cost? :-)

    @Anita Jesse – So right…sometimes we need to do a refresh, whatever that may mean, to see fresh again.

  4. I like the combination of the sunlight on the greenery with the path darker. The strong side or back light adds to the picture’s impact. Looks good to me.

  5. I like the play on darkness and light; great message.

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