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Maple on granite

Maple on Granite

As I continue this journey with photography I’ve come to identify certain objects or compositions which have a strong natural appeal for me–a path fading off into the distance, an empty bench in the midst of nature and the view over an arched footbridge. I will like most compositions featuring these things.

I may need to add a single leaf against a stone or rock background to that list. This past week I admired just such a photo taken by Anita Jesse, and this weekend I came upon a similar composition of my own, which you see above. I admit I was probably primed to spot this composition by Anita’s work.

This arrangement was all natures doing. My only effort was standing above it and making the photo without getting my toes in the image. ;-) The maple leaf and granite background were wet, giving deeper color and higher contrast to my image.

Indeed, one more for my list or naturally appealing subjects.

2 Comments on Maple on granite

  1. I like the single leaf you spotted and shot. The wet condition’s enhancement makes the picture glow with color. A fine image.

  2. When you have a single focal point like this, it is interesting how the surrounding textures interact with it. The rock is perfect for it – not overpowering, yet complimentary. That 24-70 is definitely one of my favorite lenses. I was shooting leaves with it myself this past weekend.

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