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After all else fades

After all else fades

I made this photo in the rain a few days ago. All the other flower on this bush were well past their prime while this one seemed at it’s peak–still bright after all others were faded.

Note: Today’s my furry little buddy, Fosters, 3rd birthday. His seizures are under better control and he’s back to near his normal self.

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  1. Really lovely captured, and tastier then I have never experienced one before, if I may say so (I suppose you have those marzipan roses too). The dark and brownish background indices that this blossom might be the last for a very long time. Although unusual late bllom, it’s good to see life goes on, that all is as usual.

  2. Those faint pink blooms in the background do a wonderful job of accenting the centerpiece of the image. Of course the rain makes a lovely difference. Ummmm. Nice.

    I am delighted and relieved to hear that Foster is doing well. Happy Birthday, Foster. I hope he got a big bone to chew on (or whatever type of treat works for him), today.

  3. Glad to hear Fosters doing better and back to “normal.”

    I like your post processing work along with the crop. Nature keeps its own time as we see flowers blossom throughout the seasons. And, of course I always enjoy the sight of water droplets on anything.

  4. I love the intense colors here – the accentuating through the raindrops helps to bring it out even better. And the unsharp elements, especially the repetition of the leaf form makes an excellent background.

  5. QPB (Mary Ann) // 24 Oct ’09 at 7:17 am // Reply

    Its pleasant to capture a defiant soldier still marching in the wake of fall! This one is real beauty.

    Happy birthday to Foster. I read your blog section on him, he’s a very lucky guy, and a handsome fella too.

  6. @Ove – Thank you for your kind comment on the image…it’s good to hear from you again. Perhaps this bloom is lovely to look at but I doubt the taste would be as sweet as a marzipan rose. :-)

    @Anita Jesse – Thank you. I think taking photos in the rain was an interesting experience in my own way of viewing things. I enjoyed it.

    Thank you for Foster. It’s so nice to have him mentally and physically back. For a while he was in a drug induced stupor barely able to get around. He received 4 vanilla wafers for his birthday treat–one for each year and one to grow on. He’s crazy about those things and almost turns himself inside out with excitement when he sees the box–but only gets one on very special occasions. :-)

    @Monte Stevens – It’s just nice being there with a camera when nature does something a little special. Thanks from Foster and for your comment on the image.

    @Markus Spring – Thanks. I struggled with post-processing this image at first but coming back to it later it seemed to take on a life of it’s own. I guess some images are just determined to be born. ;-)

    @QPB (Mary Ann) – Thanks, I like the solder metaphor. :-) Thanks too for Foster. I’m hopeful we’ve got a little more control of his seizures now.

  7. Nice image, Earl. I get the feeling of beauty struggling to survive in a place that is feeling the onset of winter. Lovely.

  8. That’s great for Foster! Yeaaaaaaaa!
    Love the tones in the rose shot Earl.

  9. @Mark – Thanks Mark.

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