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Pine Forest Path

Pine Forest Path

One of the many pine forest that exist in this area. There’s approximately 115 species of pine trees located over most of the northern hemisphere. While you don’t always think of pines as being long lived, they, depending upon the specie, can live from 100 to a 1,000 years or more.

Another of the many path photos I seem attracted to.

5 Comments on Pine Forest Path

  1. I have returned to this once or twice to soak it up. The limb arching over the path adds a somewhat disquieting tension that is intriguing. You know I am a mutual fan of photos featuring paths and this one stands out as being different because of some questions it implies somehow.

  2. @Anita Jesse – How interesting you mentioned a disquieting tension in this photo.

    IMO: The arching small cedar tree creates a boundary or gateway implying a “dissimilarity” on the other side. It’s like it’s putting the question forward; “Dare you cross over?” I thought maybe it was only me. :-)

  3. You said it so much better! Thanks.

  4. Hi Earl, I Ioved your photo and was wondering if it would be acceptable to post a collage I made from it on my band’s website.
    The link is here:

    If you dissaprove or would like me to remove it I can do so immediately. Either way I wanted to take a moment to say how beautiful of a photo it is.

    Thanks, james

    • James, no problem about using that photo the way you have. Glad you liked it and and thanks for asking about using it! Take care.

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