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Is this space taken?

Turtle Parking

The photo was taken Sunday and upon viewing this scene a question came up about personal space and how these turtles seem comfortable climbing all over each other.

I believe you have to be self-aware to have a concept of personal space or it could be when living in a shell your personal space boundaries may be the shell itself?

In any case, on this day it seems a sunny and warm spot was in much demand, personal space be damned, there’s no hesitation about double parking! :-)

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5 Comments on Is this space taken?

  1. Reminds me of a couple of elevators that I’ve been in.

  2. When I think about it many in the animal, insect, avian do crawl all over themselves. Man seems to really want his space. Way to go Earl, something for me to ponder today.

  3. A fine close up of this shared sunlight! I like your idea that the shell may be the extent of needed space. A fine picture.

  4. @Eric: I think I’ve been in that same elevator. :-)

    @Monte: If you come up with “the answer”…let me know.

    @don: Thanks!

  5. These fellows seems to be comfortable with each other. Cosy creatures, maybe we should get a few of those instead of the cats…. not. :-)

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