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Weekend Photo

Foot Bridge Reflections

Yesterday my daughter and I went out for a short walk at a local park and I happened to notice this excellent foot bridge reflection at one end of the parks lake–you can even make out the construction of the underside of the bridge.

5 Comments on Weekend Photo

  1. Great reflection… looks like a nice place for a walk!

  2. I like the details in your reflection shot. Very nice subject and as Sidney says and nice place to take that walk.

  3. @Sidney: Thanks it is a great place for a walk. I’ve subscribed to your blog feed and looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

    @don: Thanks!

  4. Reflections, you never get enough of them, do you? I love them, and yours are really nice. Many details that make me interested in how it was built. Weathered wood must be one of the most beautiful greys there are.

  5. @Ove: You’re right, there’s something about reflections that always attract us–it would be interesting to know exactly why that is.

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