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WordPress 2.8.3 fixes some additional security issues

WordPress 2.8.3 has been released and addresses some addition privilege escalation security issues.

I did the automatic upgrade from WordPress 2.8.2 without incident. I did have someone try to hack this site once so I try and keep up with the security releases. Plus with the current WordPress automatic functions upgrades are mostly painless–knock on wood*.

*Knock on Wood – an expression used to express a desire to avoid tempting fate after making some boast or claim.

3 Comments on WordPress 2.8.3 fixes some additional security issues

  1. Maybe, just maybe one day I’ll upgrade from 2.5.x. :-) But it won’t be today. I’m tired!

  2. @Paul: I think you’d appreciate the update capabilities of the latest versions. WordPress can update both itself and most plugins with just a click.

  3. The release of WordPress 2.8.3 was unexpected but looking at the no of bugs and error wordpress 2.8.1 and 2.8.2 had, It was much expected update. Though I updated WordPress to 2.8.3 and I can still see few Errors in my dashboard

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