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Awaking From A Summers Dream

Awaking from a summers dream

I was to be at the beach this weekend–an annual summer business trip and usually a lot of fun. However, late Tuesday night, before we were to leave Thursday morning, our dog Foster had an hour long series of cluster seizures.

Life is something that happens to you while you’re making other plans – Margaret Millar

This episode took us by surprise and began with a major seizure. After this first one he paced from room to room for 45-50 minutes having multiple partial seizures with facial, head and neck twitches. This was followed by the most severe seizure yet. This last one lasted over 3-5 minutes and was so violent I had to hold him to the floor to keep him from possibly harming himself.

It was gut wrenching and heart breaking to see him in that condition for so long–during the last seizure I thought this could be it for him. However, he did recover and now after a couple of days seems back to normal–whatever normal is? Our vet has upped Fosters dosage of Phenobarbital as we try to find the balancing point between drug effects and seizures. Yes, I have a dog that’s now a drug addict.

I couldn’t bring myself to board him so soon after this recent episode so the wife (this trip was about her business) and my daughter continued with our plans and I elected to stay home as caretaker. In this case I’m happy to report it’s been boring. :-)

I haven’t been reading, commenting or posting as much as normal–suffering from a bit of a mental funk. I’m back now.

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  1. Earl, I’m sorry to hear that Foster is still having seizures. It was very nice of you to stay home and take care of him. I’m sure that he appreciates it, in his own doggy way.

  2. @Paul: Thanks. I don’t know that he so much appreciates it but I know I feel better about it. :-)

  3. How sad to hear. Poor Foster. I know how devastating this can be and salute you for your willingness to stay home with Foster. It’s likely that putting him in a kennel at that point would have haunted you and ruined the trip anyway. I am confident that was comforted by your closeness. Here’s hoping that the new dosage will prevent another of these dreadful episodes.

  4. @Anita: Thank-you. Your absolutely right about me not being able to have a good time if I’d put Foster in a kennel at this time. I hope we’re on the right track with the meds…time will tell.

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