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It’s a zoo out there

Giraffe, NC Zoo

My daughter arrived Thursday for a long weekend visit and we decided to visit the North Carolina Zoo on Friday.

Located just south of Asheboro, the North Carolina Zoo is seated on a 1,500 tract of land in the Uwharrie Mountains. Approximately 500 acres of this property have been developed into one of the largest “natural habitat” zoos in the United States. You won’t find cages made of steel and concrete here! Our animals are given enclosures that mimic their natural habitats to include trees, ponds, rocks, grass and dirt.

I haven’t had time to go through my photos from the day but this is a quick one I pulled out of the bunch for this post. We arrived just after the Zoo opened at 9 AM and were able to get some nice zoo animal photos before the midday heat forced them to seek shelter. When we left they were all resting in the shade.

After miles of walking and lots of photos we were finally forced to leave by the high temperatures and our very tired feet.

3 Comments on It’s a zoo out there

  1. You chose a nice shot to share. Sounds like a terrific zoo. I like the concept of it.

  2. Nice quick pick with good use of lines and curves. It has pretty good exposure for the bright contrast difference between the two giraffes. It is always good to have family together (daughter)! Sounds like you had a good day and walking is good for us.

  3. This is truly one of the best zoos in America, one of my very favorites. Its concept of large, wide open habitats, with a terrific collection of African and North American animals, make this a very unique zoo experience.

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