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Asus Aspire One Upgraded to Fedora 11

200906102153.jpg In January ’09 I wrote of installing Linux Fedora 10 on my newly acquired Asus Aspire One Netbook. Today I upgraded the Aspire One to the newly released Fedora 11.

Actually it turned out not to really be an upgrade. I at first did choose to let Fedora 11 upgrade the Fedora 10 installation but when finished Wifi wouldn’t work. I unsuccessfully tried a few things to fix it and then decided to save personal data and do a clean install of Fedora 11.

This clean install went very well and almost all the Aspire One hardware is working without requiring any of the tweaks I did with Fedora 10. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working yet is the Wifi Led indicator lights–not that important.

On the plus side Fedora 11 boots a little faster and seems more responsive.

All-in-all I still find Fedora’s a good choice as a Netbook OS.

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  1. How about the screen resolution problem??? I have installed Fedora 11 on my Aspire One AOA 150 an the screen resolution was stuck at 640×480. The menu occupied the whole screen when it opened. This happened with XFCE, Gnome and KDE4 desktops, so I assumed it’s a system problem. Any insight on this?

  2. Dragos: F11 installed with a correct default 1024 x 600 resolution on my Aspire One. I didn’t have to adjust it at all. I don’t know what could be causing your screen resolution problems.

    The only thing I adjusted was the default font sizes.

  3. Hey,

    I just got a AAO 110L and is putting Ubuntu Netbook Edition on it. But I are really Fedora user.

    Do u have fan control working in Fedora?

  4. Menno Manheim // 17 Jul ’09 at 6:05 pm // Reply

    I had the same problem with the wifi after letting Fedora upgrade to 11. It was quickly solved by uninstalling the madwifi using the software removal tool and rebooting the system.
    Now it is using the build in Atheros driver that is working fine.

  5. @Menno: Thanks for the information–I’ll give that a try!

  6. upgrade worked Very well from fedora10. Still searching for wifi led fix. i cannot seem to enable the gnome wifi applette, which would negate the led issue. any tips

  7. @canach6: Follow the link and there is a tip at this site about getting the WiFi LEDs working. It’s for Fedora 10 but should work for Fedora 11.

  8. thanks Earl Moore for your tip. unfortunately the madwifi has had to be disabled on the aspire one in fedora 11. the work involved in using a hacked madwifi is too much for me.

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