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Revisiting Bull Hole

Water Step

Have you noticed when out making photos you’ll seldom see wildlife until you remove a long lens and put on a shorter or extra-wide lens. Happens to me all the time. Just this morning I was shooting along the river and as soon as I switched from a 300mm zoom lens to an ultra-wide lens cranes swooped in and landed along the far side river bank. A few minutes later a couple of fresh water turtles crawled up on a rock in the river. Sheesh..!

There’s been a lot of talk going around on some of the photo blogs about how having the latest camera isn’t the most important element to making great photos. I’m a confessed tech junkie but I agree with this sentiment whole heartedly. Great photos come from talent, passion, skill and vision. It’s true over complicated technical equipment can, in some cases, hamper the improvement of basic skills and vision. But I don’t believe the solution is to go back to the dark ages. You’ve got to find your own path, your own balance.

I also know there’s not many photographers who would turn down a better camera if they were offered one–so don’t totally discount equipment. ~grin~ Balance!

The photo above is a HDR image made at Bull Hole – Cooleemee River Park, Cooleemee, NC–one of my regular shooting spots. I was told a 15 year old boy almost drowned here this past Saturday. He got to close to the dam and was caught in an undertow. Luckily a friend was able to reach him and pull him out.

6 Comments on Revisiting Bull Hole

  1. This is a dramatic shot. The HDR image looks good.

  2. That is a beautiful picture. It sure looks different from what it did last weekend.

    That’s true about the boy almost drowning. My son went in and pulled him out, but they drifted quite a ways down the Yadkin to get to a tree sticking out. It wasn’t a friend though. My son didn’t know the other boy. We’re from the West Rowan area, and the other teen is from Cooleemee.

    The Bull Hole is one of my favorite places too.

    And, I’m sure glad that both boys came out of that river okay.

  3. @Cyndi: Thanks for commenting. That was a very brave thing your son did. The other boy was lucky he was close by and I’m so glad they are both okay.

    I regularly make photos at Bull Hole. There’s always something different to shoot depending on the season, time of day and the water level.

  4. Nice to meet you on here. We may have passed at the Bull Hole. We go pretty often.

    The time before last was for Mother’s Day. The boys got Bojangles chicken. I posted some shots then on my blog Barbecue Master, and the kids were all playing on the rocks. Very calm water that day.

    I am still feeling very thankful that the boys came out and are both fine. I’m proud of Eli, but he sure did scare me.

  5. @Cyndi: Nice to meet you too. I usually arrive at Bull Hole early to get the best light for photos so I don’t see a lot of people.

    I read the story of Eli’s rescue of the other boy on your blog. Amazing! I know you must of been out of your mind with worry till he showed up.

    I’m going to follow your blog and no doubt use some of those grilling tips! :-)

  6. We usually go around lunch time and picnic and play around on the rocks and in the water.

    Yes. I think I was basically in shock. I’d seen the river and made a couple of photos, so I knew how rough it was.

    I am still working on photos for the grilling and food so would like to follow. This is a different style of blog, so I’m not sure how to follow. Oh. I think I see it. Right side top corner? If not, let me know. If so, I got it. I can see already that I could get some good tips for better pictures.

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