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Photography, reflections on managing the creative flow

Sluice Gate

Sometimes I’ll reach a point where I’m questioning my photos and photography. I’ll feel a need for it to be about more then “well composed” images of people, objects and places. There needs to be more–a story, a purpose, something!

Now these types of questions are fairly normal for a creative process and while I certainly don’t stress out about it I do devote an appropriate amount of thought to it.

Forceful FlowIf photography is a channel for creative energies or a medium for connecting interior and exterior worlds, as discussed at The Landscapist, then perhaps the “optimum flow” is a variable rather than a constant. In this case, our skill, ability and satisfaction at expressing our inner selves through our photography is linked to our ability at effectively regulating this flow to our current needs–regulating not only volume but focus and direction as well.

Perhaps these perceived needs/questions about my photos are indicators from my interior world that I’m not moving fast enough, far enough or in the right direction.  

Now, how fast, how far and where? Time for more thought! ;-)

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