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Gnarled: I hate Snap Shots

GnarledI think I’ve stated this before in a post but it bears repeating.

Here’s a little pet peeve of mine. I hate “Snap Shots” (those little windows from that pop up when you mouse over a word, text or image). If a blog is using “SnapShots” I’ll seldom subscribe to or read it.

These snap windows are invasive, intrusive and in general a distraction to any hope of enjoying a blogs content.

I was visiting a SoFoBoMo participants blog this morning who uses “Snap Shots” and ended up leaving without reading a single post. It’s not worth the hassle to me.

There are plenty of other blogs/bloggers out there that respect their visitors enough not to subject them to this.

My peeve, my opinion… :-(

7 Comments on Gnarled: I hate Snap Shots

  1. Oh yeah Earl.. Sing it brotha! :)

    I completely agree with you. I did a quick search and found something that might be useful if you use something like Adblock Plus ( I use Chrome here at work, I’m not sure if something similar is available. It happens that the vast majority of sites I visit don’t have those snap things.. but once in a while I run into one, and like you, it sends me straight to the back button every time.

    Same with those annoying floating ads that follow me down the page. Probably even more rare, but even more annoying.

  2. LOL! Tell us how you really feel, Earl! Quit holding back!!! I’m not a fan of Flash sites, especially with music that I cannot disable or funky slide shows that I cannot control. I’ll hit the back button quickly and never return.

  3. @Richard: I added “Adblock Plus” add-on and set the filters up from the link you provided. We’ll see it that stops them. But dang I still don’t like running special filters for this crap! Thanks for the link!

    @Paul: Oh yea, the flash background music….that’s #2 on my web site pet peeve list! :-)

  4. A great looking tree…shown very well! I’m in complete agreement with you on the
    SnapShots and floating ads. Yuck!

  5. I also hate floating adds. Your tree on the other hand is great. It definitely shows its age and wisdom.

  6. What a cool looking tree – is it actually split in half?

    I tried the Snap feature on my blog awhile back – disabled it after the first day. Not only did it slow page loads down tremendously, but I quickly found it annoying.

  7. @Mark: The tree is slit and it’s growing as two halves–amazingly! The shot was from Colonial Williamsburg, VA, and I wish I’d ask around to see if anyone knew how old it was.

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