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Spring was held indoors today


The tree pollen count is nearing a peak and so are my allergies–a definite handicap when wishing to photograph Springs opening act. It’s hard to look through a camera viewfinder when your eyes are itchy and swollen, not to mention fighting a nose that will not stop running.

I do take over the counter medication but there are days when it only provides partial relief and often makes me feel drugged and drowsy.

Spring in Red and YellowToday’s pollen situation seemed especially bad so I decided the wiser choice was to bring a little spring inside, using a few of my wives recently potting flowers. It turned out to be an enjoyable exercise with opportunities for “playing” with lighting, exposure, composition and post-processing.

Quickly a couple of hours passed resulting in a few photos I’m pleased with. They even seemed to say spring–none the wiser they were inside.

These two particular photos were taken with a Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

I’m always fascinated with macro photographs. I think it’s because they reveal things that are always there but are either not viewable or not often noticed by the naked eye.

“The small courtesies sweeten life; the greater ennoble it.” – Christian Nevell Bovee

Today I noticed the small things it did make life a little sweeter. Does anyone else have to work around allergies with their photography?

3 Comments on Spring was held indoors today

  1. I am so envious of that D700. I can only dream of owning one of those….perhaps a lottery win! Fantastic photographs, as always. Beautifully observed and such amazing light and detail.

  2. @Eyes Wide Shut: Thank you. I love my Nikon D700 but I’m still paying for the purchase. I’m paying with DX lens left behind, with finding some of my other glass simply “not good enough” and with suddenly realizing that 300mm isn’t nearly as long as it use to be. All costly facts having a negative impact on my bank account! ;-)

  3. Fortunately, Claritin works well for me. I can go outside with no problem. Years ago, I would have a very bad day occasionally and would have to take Benadryl. After taking that stuff, it was lights out!

    I think, often, about the D700, but then think about having to replace my DX lenses, although I am replacing them one by one … very slowly. :-)

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