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I find lately I’m thinking of photography more in terms of personal projects. There’s pleasure in doing a series of photographs with a common theme aligned towards telling a shared story.

Now in honesty I acknowledge that this theme or story may not be interesting or even recognizable to anyone but myself, but then that’s the person I most need to please. ;-)

These self-assigned photography projects are a personal tool for my photographic progress–providing mental, artistic and technical exercise. The projects also help to keep my energy and interest levels flowing.

While I love photography it sometimes gets a little dull walking the same paths in the same parks taking random photos of what are perhaps the same scenes. That’s great for practice but I sometimes wonder where it’s going. I guess I’m one of those people who like to have a destination or goal.

No doubt these personal “projects” also feed that part of me that was a Project Manager in my previous Information Technology life. :-)

I’ve even started an electronic box to collect ideas for projects–thoughts, schedules, links, articles and plans. Having them in this electronic format makes it easy to visualize and edit. It also helps with viewing how they may fit into a larger plan involving my photography.

Thus far, my electronic idea box contains six formal projects and a bunch of random tidbits that may one day become projects.

There are three of the six projects which could provide photographs for my SoFoBoMo ’09 book. I’m planning on shooting the first round of photographs for all three projects during early to mid-May and after reviewing the initial photos from each, I’ll select one project as a theme for SoFoBoMo. My SoFoBoMo starting date will then be the date of the selected first shoot. Worst case that should give me a couple of weeks for any additional shooting and building the actual book.

4 Comments on Photography projects

  1. I wonder how many photographers have multiple parallel projects going on – just collecting images as the opportunities arise and placing them in each one?

    Interesting thought about this image of the slide – it makes me want to go up the slide vs. down it!

  2. @Mark: As a child I always enjoyed climbing UP slides–a personality trait I carried into adulthood it seems. ;-)

  3. so I have to watch the development of my twins – they also climb up every slide. Will they become photographers then?

    Re. the projects: after 3 years intensive photography there are definitely some cristallization points of topics to which I get back quite often, but besides that I try to keep my eyes open when wandering and find the not-yet-seen things. But I experience again and again the difficulty of seeing/finding when at home, and never abroad in a complete strange environment. That’s annoying.

  4. @Markus: I’m not sure climbing up slides produces photographers. :-)

    I agree and also frequently experience the difficulty of viewing the things in my normal/home environment with open/fresh eyes. In familiar surroundings our brains take shortcuts or “fill in the gaps” perhaps as a way to be more efficient. It takes constant awareness to be able to view the familiar with fresh eyes.

    Good comments!

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