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Off the path

Off the path

I’ve been focusing on my skills with Adobe Photoshop for several months. As part of this graphical skills improvement process I want to get comfortable using a pen and tablet for editing in Photoshop, so I dug out the Watcom Tablet I had, loaded the drivers and set it directly in front of my monitor. My experience convinces me a pen/tablet is superior to a mouse for detailed graphics work. However for me, the hard part of using any pen tablet is I’m already so comfortable with the mouse and keyboard I sometimes get frustrated by my inadequacies with a pen. It’s a lack of practice. So I’m determined to do my Photoshop work with the tablet until it becomes second nature–a personal goal.

Paul Lester must be loving today for photography–it’s raining again. :-) His recent post is singing the praises of his Nikon D300s all weather ability. I have a Nikon D300 but I haven’t as yet taken it out in a downpour. Perhaps I don’t need to be as careful as I am and I’ll definitely consider Paul’s experiences. Paul, you’re a braver man then I.

Kent Newsome is still loving his Apple iPhone and recently loaded the newly available iPhone Skype application. Be sure and check out Kent’s first impressions. When I first started reading Kent’s blog a little over three years ago he didn’t owned any Apple products. Now he has a Mac Mini, AppleTV and his new iPhone and seems to be loving them all. Having sung Apple praises all this time, I’m just sitting back and grinning! About time for a MacBook Pro laptop isn’t it Kent?

Another blogging friend, Richard Querin, recently bought a new Dell XPS13 Laptop. Now, I don’t hold it against him that it’s a Dell, after all the first thing he did was to install Ubuntu Linux (bye-bye Vista)–which he relates installed without a glitch. I’m pro-Linux but still prefer Apple’s OS X for my own use. I’m looking forward to hearing more of Richard’s experiences.

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  1. Regarding the weather toughness of the D300: What can I say. I just had to try it! I figured that the worst that could happen is that I’d be wrong and had to have it repaired. At that, I would have written a letter to Nikon asking them to explain why the camera didn’t live up to specifications. :-)

  2. @Paul: Well thanks to your positive experience I’ll probably not be as concerned about my Nikons now–I do appreciate your lead in this! :-)

    I wonder what Nikons precise definition of “moisture protection” really is?

  3. I’m interested in learning more photoshop.. amateur photoer am I.

  4. I must admit that I’ve been caught in several bouts of torrential rain and watery snow with my D300, the joys of England that we all endure. No problems to report thus far thank goodness. There are now protective storm hoods available, which in this country might be worth the low purchase price

  5. A fine shot in the woods with the range of tones nicely adjusted to give the carpet of leaves a bright look. Excellent exposure and processing to get this fine result.

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