A few more Colonial Williamsburg photographs

Posted on 20 Feb ’09 by Earl Moore

Main St. Colonial Williamsburg, VA

There’s no specific order for the photos I post. One day I’ll post photos taken that same day and the next may be from six months ago. It’s whatever strikes my eye at the time–random!

Colonial Home The photo above was taken on the main street of Colonial Williamsburg, VA, in late January of this year. As I’ve recounted before, our visit was on an exceptionally cold day for the area resulting in the streets being deserted for much of the morning.

The silver lining was it afforded an opportunity to get photographs without a crowd mulling about in each scene.

As a side note for today, I wish Paul Lester the best as he celebrates his birthday.

What Others Are Saying

  1. Paul 20 Feb ’09 at 4:01 pm

    Thanks, Earl. As you know, since it is Friday, I’ll be on the road heading to Charlotte. What a present! :-)

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