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What would it look like if I did this?

Bray Links, Kingsmill Resort, VA

Mind if I play through? – Late evening at the Bray Links, Par-3 Course, located along the James River at Kingsmill Resort near Williamsburg, VA. A bit of light fog/mist was rising from some of the trees and water in the cold temperatures–Not the best of golfing weather.

Recently I’ve spent a good deal of time in post-processing photographs–manipulating them to see how far they can be taken or what renderings may appeal to me. Sometimes I like the final results, sometimes I have to walk away for a day or two to gain a fresh eye and sometimes after spending hours tweaking each detail I’ll delete it only to begin over.

Often I’ll push beyond photos to what I’d call photo based art. The more rampant results of this exercise seldom see the light of day beyond my home computer screen.

Yea, some results can get a little wild. ;-)

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