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The sound you hear

Cascading Water

Cascading Waters – Bull Hole River Park

This photo was taken last Saturday morning when it was 8°F. Look closely at the photo and you’ll see ice on the branches in the top left and on the rocks along the waters edge.

Someone standing close by would no doubt have thought I was shooting in “continuous high” shutter mode (click-click-click-click).

Wrong, that sound would of been my teeth chattering! ;-)

2 Comments on The sound you hear

  1. Earl, it’s a great picture. I can identify with working in the cold. A few years ago I was photographing some ice that had formed behind the Columbia River jetty. The temperature was in the high twenties and the east wind was howling. All of a sudden the Coast Guard rescue helicopter passed fly over on their return from the sea. They must have noticed me as the double back and circled until I waved them by. The event likely got logged as a “nut out on the ice”!

  2. Steve, Thanks for sharing that story…oh the things we do for a good photograph. ;-)

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