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Todays meandering passages

Falls at Bull Hole

Only ten days ago I noted how low the water was at the Bull Hole River Park. With a few days of steady rain it was a totally different scene this morning. The water level is as high as I’ve seen it in the past year. In addition to the thundering sounds, I could feel the vibration of the falls through the surrounding rocks where I stood in the spray taking photos. It was definitely an adrenaline moment.

I haven’t been posting a great deal since the first of the year but I have been keeping up with my normal reading of others.

Paul has asked about reasons for perhaps not posting certain types of pictures. I’ve never really stopped to define my exact reasoning to post or not post a photo. I certainly try and protect my own privacy and that of family and friends, so I’m careful about posting personal photos. I also will not post any photo that doesn’t meet my own standards or one that I feel doesn’t represent myself or my work. I’ll sometimes not post a photo I feel is still a work in progress even if I’m pleased with its current condition. This usually applies to fine art type of photo subjects and post processing.

My friend Kent recently purchased an iPhone followed not long thereafter by a purchase of an AppleTV. now he’s questioning why he keeps going to the Apple web store looking at Mac Pros. Don’t fight it Kent! Just enjoy the superior design form and function. ;-)

Do limits often maximize results? You can read more on the subject here and here. However, in general I tend to think they do.

Main Falls at Bull Hole

If you like keeping score of bad news, here’s the Tech Layoff scorecard. Much like reading the obituaries each day.   

I’m still finding my own style of photography and I believe I’m currently somewhere around Stage 3 and 4 on Gordon McGregor’s “five stages of development.” Part of my own growth process is viewing the photographic work of others in order to define styles I admire. One which speaks to me is Diane Varner for her use of vibrant deep natural colors, shadows and highlights to give her photos great depth.

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