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A walk in the woods

The Forest Trail

The woodsy scent of moist leaves and plants tinted with a hint of wood smoke filled the air as I slowly hiked down the path deeper into the woods. In the distance, I see wisps of fog hopefully rising from the as yet unseen river which from the map I knew to be there.

Overhang With Rivers Fog

Seeming to rise from beyond this mist is a chorus of what sounds to be a sizable pack of Beagles in chase. Their voices are blended but yet you can easily pick out individuals who sound frantic with being hot on the scent or perhaps even catching sight of fleeing rabbits.

This is one of those sounds that once heard is never forgotten. Hunting with a good pack of Beagles is a high privilege I’m happy to have experienced when I was younger.

Boones Cave

This mornings sortie was to a nearby park that has ties to Daniel Boone:

Boone’s Cave State Park is a small park resting on 110 acres just north of Morrow Mountain State, its affiliate park. Located just off Interstate 85 and State Route 150, this park has never been intensely developed as a recreation site. The park is strictly a day use facility nestled in a peaceful rural atmosphere mixed with large elegant country estates and beautiful green horse farms. It is believed, but never, confirmed that Squire Boone, Daniel Boone’s father moved to this site in the mid 1700’s. There is an old homestead site, but all that remains are large hearthstones. The park received its name from Boone’s Cave, also known as Devil’s Den. The cave lies on a steep slope facing the serpentine Yadkin River. The entryway to this 80-foot-long passage is small, only about two – three feet high. Formed by the river’s floodwaters, this cave is where Daniel Boone purportedly hid from hostile Indians.

The Yadkin River Below

Hiking a couple of circular trails I covered over a mile through some very rustic wooded trails. I carried both a small photo backpack and my tripod, which on the steep sections of the trail let me know that I’m not nearly active enough in my daily life. :-o

Replicate 1740s Cabin In Mornings Light

Next visit, I’ll only bring my small travel tripod and a couple of filters and a lens to be carried in my pocket!

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